Procrastination Nation

Dec 8, 2012

Two blog posts in a week?? Is this even possible? I’m probably dreaming but it’s happening. For real.

Whenever I first get on the computer, I find myself starting out pretty darn focused. I open up Blackboard, see what’s new, check my falling grades, cry, start on my assignments, etc. Then suddenly it’s 1 in the morning (I’m exaggerating, the latest I’ve started homework was like 10pm… Still pretty bad though). So yeah, it’s “1 in the morning.” I have a couple assignments due in a couple of hours and all I’ve done was look at fanart of grey kids with horns. My first thought whenever this happens is, “Where did all of my time go??”

I’ve tried tracking the usage of my time before. I used a program called RescueTime but it was too broad. It told me what programs I was using and a few select sites that I frequented but it wasn’t enough! Then I downloaded timeStats last week for Chrome.

Okay, this is a beautiful plugin. It’s really easy to use too! Install it and wait and see how much time you waste on YouTube.

But what I really love about this little thing is the categories option. Every single website you visit is stored and you categorize them into your own categories. I made three of them.

  • Productive: The websites I want to be on. Such as my assignment websites and general uni stuff. Wolfram alpha may or may not be in this category…
  • Potential time wasters: You know those sites that you go on with a purpose but then one hour later, you’re still on said site without having fulfilled said purpose? Yeah, those sites.
  • Time wasters: YouTube. Tumblr. Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. My blogs. My websites. Anything that can distract me for HOURS from my school work. Sadly, there are a lot of them…

Category breakdown

This plugin is really handy in that it displays the data clearly in pie charts and graphs. I’m a sucker for pie charts and graphs. So let’s look at my Internet usage in terms of these categories for the past week. Now these percentages probably don’t mean anything to you so I’ll quantify them even further. In other words, I’ve spent 22:54 hours on time wasting sites, 11:17 hours on productive sites, and 6:30 hours on potential time wasting sites. I’ve spent almost a day a week wasting my time. A day. For every productive hour, I spend two hours doing nothing. That’s… Really discouraging. I mean I know I procrastinate a lot but I didn’t know I procrastinated this much. The next burning question in my mind was, what sites do I spend most of my time on? And yes, timeStats gives you the answer to this too!

Okay, well I already know the site I visit the most. Tumblr. I spend an ungodly amount of my time on the damned website. A total of 11:50 hours this week. Microblogging is just so fast and easy. And most of all: addictive. All I’m doing is looking at pictures people have shared with me and clicking a button to share it with other people. Probably the lowest form of “blogging” there ever is. But I do it anyway.

The second most visited site is a good one though, with a total of 4:42 hours. MathXL is my homework site for calculus. It’s kinda sad that I’ve spent 5 hours doing one assignment though. It was a fairly easy assignment too. I’ve lost all faith in my calculus abilities… Not that I had much faith in them to begin with.

Google Docs is seriously SO HANDY for group projects that involve presentations and final reports. It’s so much easier that way! MS Paint Adventures is the website that hosts the web comic, Homestuck. Don’t go there. There are over 7000 pages over silly shenanigans that are way too easily to get lost in. Zachleat has a useful alarm app that can play a YouTube video at full blast when it goes off. I use it a lot, apparently. More than I thought I ever did anyway. I also post a lot on the forums over at Ubi. About the Assassin’s Creed series. It’s a good game, okay?? And the rest of the sites are pretty straightforward. Like Facebook, for example. It’s evil.

So yes, my findings with this little plugin is this: I spend too much time doing irrelevant shi…take mushrooms on the Internet. But I’m working on it! First off by limiting my Tumblr use. Although most of my attempts are like this:

Me: Go away Tumblr, I don’t need you anymore. All you do is CAUSE ME PAIN.

Tumblr: Ok bye.

Me: Just kidding. I can’t live without you. Never leave me. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? COME BACK HERE!

Yeah okay I have finals to study for. Bye for now!

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