Prompt #1

Nov 18, 2013

I don’t really know what to write about in my blog right now. At first I was like “post everyday!” but when I got to it, I drew a blank. Not to mention, the 500 words requirement overwhelms me. What can I write about for 500 words??That’s why I already missed more than four days of posting. A “blog post idea” list would be very hand right now. I gotta start writing down said ideas. So I resort to using fictional writing prompts for today’s post.

Write a scene that starts with the line, “Short? SHORT?”
—Sarah Selecky Prompts

“Short? SHORT?” Daniel bellowed as he held his wallet in one hand and two crumpled bills in the other. “The sign said it was only $0.99!”

The lips of the cashier’s mouth tugged at the corners. “The sign is for a different product. Many customers have already said the same thing. I’m sorry,” she shrugged and waved the burrito in the air. “Do you have another way to pay?”

Daniel stared down at his two dollar bills. “This is all the money I have,” he mumbled. He looked back up at the cashier with pleading eyes. “I’ve been walking on foot for days, I need food. Please. I’ll take anything for two dollars.”

“I’m sorry,” the cashier shook her head. The two stood there for a couple of moments, staring at each other before another customer coughed from behind Daniel.

He gave up. He stuffed his money back into his wallet. On the way out from the gas station, he glanced longingly at a bag of chips and lingered there for a second. The thought appeared in his mind but he pushed it out as soon as it came. He left the store empty handed and with an empty stomach.

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