Race Against Time

Nov 10, 2013

I missed yesterday as well. I’m just not very good at this! But I am determined not to miss today. Today I read on Zen Habits that you should never miss doing something two days in a row. It’s a good philosophy and a great motivation hack for me. By the time two days have passed, it’s very likely that that task will never be accomplished.

So yes, it’s around 11:30pm and it takes me around half an hour to write at least 500 words. Truly a race against time! To those who thought that BloWriMo wouldn’t that much of a challenge… You don’t know me very well and I hope it stays that way.

Today I watched a lot of YouTube videos. I am not proud of it. I watched a lot of Filofax videos, Numberphile videos, videos about the Berlin Wall… Too many to count! There are just too many things to be distracted by. I don’t want to slip up now when things are just starting to look up.

I also decided to listen to a podcast called the The Internet Box Podcast. If you’re a fan of the gaming & entertainment company Rooster Teeth1, you will like this podcast. It definitely is not for the faint hearted and the easily offended. If you fall under this category, please stop reading.

The cast consists of Michael Jones2, Lindsay Tuggey3, Ray Narvaez Jr4, Barbara Dunkleman5, Kerry Shawcross6, Andrew Blanchard7, Dylon Saramango8, and last but certainly not least, Mike Kroon9. They are all hilarious people. I have never really lol’d in real life until I listened to these guys talk. They have wonderful stories and arguments.

Personally, my favourite cast members are Mike and Michael. When those two are together on a podcast, it’s golden. I don’t want to be a mean person or anything but Mike is not exactly the brightest bulb in the package10 When he suggests things that are just ridiculous, either uncontrollable laugher ensues or the rest of the crew rag on him for his stupidity. When Michael is on though, he screams at Mike where it sounds like he is genuinely angry. Even though Michael can get scary when he yells 11, sometimes it’s funny but when he yells at Mike, it’s the funniest thing to ever happen that day.

Mike also does this things called the Mike Cast. Usually he just streams movies and play video games in these and they’re always live. I’ve only watched a few of the gaming Mike Casts. Those are golden as well. Mike and his friend, Westy, played Katawa Shoujo once. Basically, it’s a dating sim taking place in a disabled school. It’s just really horrible but it was hilarious watching them play it. What was the greatest thing though was that they acted out the game. When it got to the racy parts, they reenacted that too. Not just verbally but physically. I just happened to have a screenshot on my iPod. Mike (on the right) forced Westy (left) to touch his bare stomach because it happened on the game. Poor Westy. The things he does for our entertainment. I think I’ll just leave with a quote (with three minutes to spare!).

“It’s not gay.”
— Mike Kroon, 2013

I don't even understand.

  • YouTube channel & website  
  • Michael “Rage Quit” Jones  
  • Voice of Ruby Rose from RWBY  
  • The achievement guy  
  • Best community manager ever  
  • Co-director(?) of RWBY  
  • The Red Faced F#%*. No really, the rest of the people on the podcast call him this. Okay, maybe only Michael.  
  • The Canadian  
  • There are no words to describe this godsend of a creation  
  • Example: Mike believes eating bones is good for you.  
  • He rage quits at games for a living, he practices his rage