Random Tumblr Posts #1

Jun 3, 2014

Ugh I write SO MUCH on Tumblr even though I have a blog sitting here just waiting to be used. I’m sorry. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.

  • I had a dream where I literally just lived out my entire day, down to sitting in lecture being bored and taking notes.

    You don’t even know how disappointed I am when I woke up knowing that I had to do it all over again.

  • I’m using emacs via SSH for my CS assignment and the backspace key doesn’t mean backspace, the del key means backspace AND I KEEP HITTING BACKSPACE. I’m so frustrated. I don’t want to change the settings either because what if I do something I shouldn’t do because I’m on my university’s servers.

  • Sometimes I like to think that my faith in humanity is so strong that I can leave my stuff anywhere at the university without asking anyone to watch it but I just really don’t want to talk to people.

  • so I just listened to DIR EN GREY’s new single. Sustain the Untruth. Hmm. I think it will grow on me. I like the intro and outro (dat bass), the synth, and all that typical Kyo vocals (he sounds so sinister, wow, I’m not surprised though). The chorus sounds a bit out of place to me. Overall it’s okay but I think it’s kinda anticlimatic.

    BUT OMG. RUTEN NO TOU ACOUSTIC VERSION. That’s some godly music right there. But back to STU. the music video is also kinda lack lustre. How did the deg shoutbox put it? Kyo is like a zombie mary magdalene I don’t understand.

  • Yesterday I was mailing stuff (now three months ago) and there’s this guy at the mall who works at the knives store and he has a sweet mohawk. I was sitting nearby putting stamps on envelopes and an old lady asked him if she could touch his hair. it was kinda cute but at the same time I wonder if he was annoyed but he sounded really cheerful so I guess not?

  • The best thing about Lindsay having a tumblr though is when she reblogs posts about Michael or about her and Michael and kinda fangirls over it. She’s like living the ultimate fangirl dream like, “You see the person in this post? I’m getting married to this guy.”

  • I feel so happy for recognizing Rie Fu’s voice but it’s only because she sang in really fluent English. Hourou Musuko is the sweetest anime I have ever watched. Yeah, it’s a slice of life school anime but I really love how it treated the LGBTQ issues. It all seems so perfect though. If only more people facing those issues received the support the characters did. And if only people reacted the way the characters did. Wow, so sweet.1

  • I TOTALLY reccommend this series if you have nothing else better to do.