Random Tumblr Posts #3

Jul 3, 2014

Warning: Implied misogynistic content, alluding to the USBC shootings, and mentions of rape.

I write SO MUCH on Tumblr even though I have a blog sitting here just waiting to be used. I’m sorry. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible. Here are some posts I’ve made on Tumblr.

  • I was listening to an episode of the Internet Box, which was recorded around the time when Andrew got a Tumblr and started stirring the pot with the social justice fan community. Dylon was trying to steer away the conversation from using ableism terms and Barbara told Dylon that he has “So much to learn about the world.” That made me legitimately angry and sad because I really love Barbara but no, Barbara there a couple of things you have a lot to learn too. I wish I could be that blissfully and purposefully ignorant of all the things that my friends and I do that are harmful. In the famous words of Burnie Burns, “God dammit Barbara.”
  • My prof asked who was going to watch Maleficent and then he asked if anyone was going to see it because of Angelina Jolie and I think I was the only one who put up their hand??? In a history of video games class filled with mostly males I am confused but also slightly pleased.
  • “College is a time when everyone experiences things such as sex, and fun, and pleasure.”

    Idk, I hate how there are people who think this a guaranteed and mandatory and expected “college experience.” I mean I know “fun” is objective but I’m pretty sure in this context it means “partying” and “clubbing” but college isn’t just that, there are other ways of having fun too.

    And god, this guy is just so… So full of it. This video makes me sick to my stomach. We don’t owe people our affections and we don’t “deny” anyone to a happy life. Wow I’m having a hard time of sympathizing with this guy (which I’m not trying to do but he’s trying to get us to do). He takes the friendzone to the extreme I can’t wrap my head around how there are people who actually think this way. It just sickens me that people died over this. this is not ok.

Okay this one is too long to put under a bullet point.

I honestly love Nintendo because they’ve been doing their own thing ever since they got into the video industry. Before no one really cared about bugs in their games but then Nintendo came along and demanded all of their programmers to go through rigorous testing. They controlled what games could or could not be released on their platform (preventing things like Custer’s Revenge which was basically a rape simulator for the Atari 2600 made by a porn company). Because of this (and their good games of course) they single-handedly revived the video game industry in the 70s/80s (my prof would be disappointed reading this).

It kinda makes me sad to see them going on a downhill but they are honestly stuck in the old times and very much set in their traditional values and people thought it was unthinkable then, but it’s even more unthinkable now. Although you gotta hand it to them for sticking to their guns. Now I totally get why nintendo does the backward things they do.

And yeah this rant came about because I was totally listening to The Patch. Every week they talk about something that I’m learning in class. Last week they were talking about arcade games and this week they’re talking about Nintendo. I love hearing current “news” about the things I’m learning it makes things that much more interesting.

TL;DR I’m not so surprised about nintendo’s “backwardness” anymore when that’s what they’ve been for the entirety of their existence and once (maybe more than once idk yet??) it actually worked out for them.

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