Random Tumblr Posts #6

Oct 12, 2014

I write SO MUCH on Tumblr even though I have a blog sitting here just waiting to be used. I’m sorry. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible. Here are some posts I’ve made on Tumblr.

Warning: Mild The Fault in Our Stars spoilers (Disclaimer: I didn’t like the movie)

  • I saw The Fault in Our Stars yesterday and I knew Gus was a jock but it never really occurred to me HOW MUCH of a jock he was. He is such a typical jock. Everything about his character made sense as soon as I realized this.

    I only cried once and it was for like a minute and it was during the part where Hazel’s parents were like, “It’s ok, our lives will still go on when you’re gone” because parental moments always hit hard with me. watching this movie has made me want to meet someone who will call me “Edel grace” again. I’m waiting for literally anyone to be like “What’s your full name?? Okay, I’m calling you by your first and middle name now.” Also, woah, Shailene Woodley is Amy from The Secret Life of the American Teenager??? Hair and makeup makes a huge difference.

  • I bought myself a 3DS and my brother overwrote my save for Pokemon X. I was only two hours into it anyway but now I have to wait for him to “finish” the game before I can play. I understand why Pokemon only has one save slot (basically, to make money off families with more than one kid) but at the same time, I don’t want to buy another copy because I’m so broke now, haha. Also I’m like 34 hours into Bravely Default. I LOVE it.

  • So i went to EB Games today to buy GTA 5 for my brother because it’s ~$15 cheaper to buy it used and with my Edge card but I FORGOT I LOOK LIKE 12 and I got carded. I don’t have an ID card or my license yet. So I walked back home to get my passport and it took like 2 hours but it’s ok because I got some exercise. According to my 3DS I walked 12k steps today. Normally I walk like 500.

  • There’s these two guys in my math class who ALWAYS stare in my general direction every single day. The seating arrangement is kind of in a U shape and I sit at the back of the U and they sit in the front and it’s just like… What are you looking at?? There’s no clock behind me, it’s just a wall??? Is it because I caught you staring that you continue to stare? I know I’m super weird and I kinda talk too loud to my friend sometimes but why you gotta be staring me down in the middle of class??

  • I went to see The Giver and I saw the trailer of that one movie with Miyavi in it (the one where a soldier gets captured by the Japanese forces) and I freak out. I was like, “That guy seems familiar… Is that… G-Dragon?? Nah… Wait, I remember reading something about someone being in a Hollywood movie… MIYAVI??” Okay but WHY are asians always the evil antagonist?? I know this is based on a true story but come on. I still want to see it though.
    But The Giver was not a bad movie. I liked it. Whenever Jonas received memories of the past, I teared up a bit. Like, wow humanity is SO beautiful but at the same time terrible but so beautiful.

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