Reading Aesthetic

Jan 17, 2019

After work I went to the library. One of the books I took out was due but I hadn’t finished it. I couldn’t renew it because there were people waiting to read it. Even when it comes to reading, I guess I procrastinate.

Thankfully, I only had a chapter or two left to read of the book. So I hunkered up the stairs to the third floor and sat down in one of the chairs and started to read.

When I think about my future ideal life, one image that comes strongly to my mind is of me in my future apartment sitting at the window seat, a cat in my lap, a book in my hands, and the view of downtown with all it’s dazzling lights in my peripherals. I don’t know how realistic this is, but it’s definitely something that I would love to have when I move out.

One of my other ideal snapshots is of going to Italy or just Europe in general and reading at a small cafe. Or going bookstore hopping and combing through stacks and stacks of books as the door jingles occassionally whenever someone comes and goes.

When the weather was nicer, I used to take a walk down to Prince’s Island during my lunch break at work, find an empty bench, and just read by the riverside.

Nowadays, I just read on the train. Terribly unaesthetic but it gets the job done. It’s where I feel the least distracted to read lately. I wonder if I should start reading more at home. I feel like there’s so much I already want to do at home that there is no time to read.

Right now, I have to try to carve out these moments of reading whenever I can. It’s less about aesthetic and more about practicality. Until then, I can dream about the reading aesthetic.

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