Restarting Animal Crossing

Jun 19, 2019

I don’t have a switch and don’t really intend to buy one any time soon so the news of a new Animal Crossing is bittersweet. To cope, I restarted a new game of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s so impressive to me just how much work Animal Crossing is. I need to save up so much money! And I need to get high ratings with the villagers! Sounds like real life.

Me planting the town tree


I brought Jitters to Filbert because Jitters lost something that Filbert found. I know someone who would react like Filbert hahaha. Sometimes though, you just gotta bounce!

Spill the tea

I don’t remember who Gala was referring to!!! I don’t think it was Filbert and Jitters. Was it Nibbles and someone else? Hm.


First outfit

My first outfit! I managed to snag the red glasses pretty early on. I want to recreate my Mirai Kuriyama outfit I had on my first playthrough. For now, this lotus tank dress will do! I will how the flowers match my hair.

Fortune Cookie #1

I got this mad ‘stache from my fortune cookie. Cool, I guess? Reminds me of Waluigi.


Ended the night with looking out onto the ocean.

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