Nov 7, 2011

EDIT: This was queued to be posted on Halloween. But I accidentally queued it for Halloween… LAST YEAR. *facepalm* Better late than never.

My iPod’s broken. AHHHHHHHHH! I do most of my surfing, blog commenting, and posting on my iPod because I don’t have access to my laptop most days. My parents only give me the laptop when I can whole heartedly prove to them that I have homework to do on the laptop. So I haven’t been posting or anything for a while. I have been updating my Twitter and Tumblr on my phone but I can’t go on any other websites unless I want a gigantic bill at the end of the month. Ah, whatever. Right now I’ve finished all my homework and I’m rushing to finish this post. Oh no, rushing is never good but forgive me.

So last week, I went to Screamfest for the very first time with my friends. Screamfest is an annual Halloween event where people 16+ have a good excuse to scare people who paid money to get scared. My friends have been asking me to go for the past four years but every year my parents have said no. Finally, they said yes this year. I kinda used the “this will be our last halloween together before we all go away for university” and I think it worked.

On our way to Screamfest, there was major traffic. Then my dad missed the turn to go into the venue. I kinda laughed at him as we tried to find an exit to bring us back to the intersection. When we finally got there, my dad dropped me off, we got our tickets, and we went in.

Screamfest is held at COP, the Canada Olympic Park in my city. It’s a rather large place. During the winter people would ski down the hills and such. There’s this section of the park that is reserved for things like sledding or more accuratley, luging. The entrace to the actual event was under the luging track and it definitely set the mood. It was dark and the stairs were creaky. Once you emerged from the mini-tunnel, there was a 5 minute walk along a path with mostly trees. We were walking and then this hooded guy dressed as grim reaper jumped out at us. We saw him and we knew he was coming but we screamed anyway.

We heard the loud thumping of a song and we knew we were close. We walked down another set of stairs to be greeted by a large group kids, a tent, a large bon fire, and a couple of those fair like haunted trailers. Screamfest staff walked around in their costumes, coming up behind people and scaring them. The chainsaw guy (we affectionately called him that the whole evening) stood on the fence that divided the lines for the trailers and waved his chainsaw in the air. It was a sight to see. And it was cold.

First we walked into the tent. It was really warm in there and there were strobe lights everywhere. Inside the tent were booths. Game booths, t-shirt booths, and (to much of my delight) comic book booths. Marie went to grab some grub and me and Sam looked around. There was a hot shirtless guy dressed as an angel holding up t-shirts. He was hot but I felt absolutely cold looking at him. How could he be shirtless in such a cold city??

After Marie finished her hot dog, we walked out of the tent and watched a couple performers on the mini stage. Most of them involved fire. A lady danced with a fire hula hoop and another lady had fire fans. It was interesting but we got bored quickly. We stood around for a bit and checked our phones. I put mine away and looked at the ground. Suddenly Marie said “Oh hello,” over her shoulder. I looked behind expecting someone we knew but instead this guy caked with skull makeup, piercings, and spiked up hair was staring at me. It was freaky but I then concluded that he was a bit hot looking. After he left, we went back to staring at our feet. Then Sam suggested we go into a haunted house.

The first one we went to was 3D. OMG 3D. They gave us 3D glasses, haha. And it was clown themed too. It wasn’t that scary but I refused to be the first one inside. There was a few moments when me, Marie, and Sam fought over who would go first. It was fun.

We stood a while around the clown house when that scary yet hot skull boy came back. He walked up to me and stared. It was scary than the first time because I noticed his contacts. They were like glow in the dark green. And not cool glow in the dark green but like white that glows faintly green in the dark. Then he took a step forward and I stepped back. But then he turned hot again and licked his lips. He just had to go and ruin the illusion. I enjoyed being scared.

Then we went into another haunted house. It wasn’t that scary and Marie and Sam forced me to go first. And so I did. It was really dark and I had no idea where to go. Thankfully there was a couple in front of us and we sheepishly followed them.

After we emerged from the house, the skull guy creeped behind us again. And twelve year old girls were hitting on him. And taking pictures of him. Lol.

Soon after, some of my other friends came. We stood in line for the maze. I was feeling really queasy because the smell of the smoke doesn’t agree with me. We waited in line for a looooong time and I just wanted to puke. I kept it down but just as we entered the maze, my dad called me saying that he was waiting for me in the parking lot. So I basically ran through the maze clinging onto Luke’s shirt. Luke is a scardycat but after the maze he said that he felt manly because I was clinging on to him for the whole time. Is that a compliment or…?

After that I went home. It was fun. Definitely going again next year!

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