Smile for the Camera!

Sep 2, 2011

So I have vowed to write at least something everyday for this school year to document my final year in high school. Some of it will be published, some not. I also know most people don’t like “this is what I did this whole entire day” kind of posts but it is my blog, and well, I’ll blog whatever I want. :]

To start things off, today was rather ordinary. I woke up painfully early at six in the morning (well, it’s early if you’ve been sleeping in until noon for two months) because I heard my mom cooking. After an hour of trying to go back to sleep, my brother comes in to give me a kiss since he leaves earlier than me. That just woke me up even more.

So I stayed in bed for another two hours and finally started to get ready. I can still smell the wonderful scent of bacon right now. Anyway, getting ready was rather quick. I spent the next two hours playing around on the computer and then headed out to school.

The school wasn’t empty but it was mostly grade elevens. The grade twelves didn’t have to come for another hour so I was pretty early. I don’t know many grade elevens so all I did was walk around the school until I found people I knew. Of course, they were in the band room.

After mingling and giving out hugs it was finally to go to our teacher advisor. I had a new one because my former teacher advisor retired. I’m glad he did because he was grumpy and short tempered all the time. My new teacher advisor was young and very friendly. I like her. A very big change from my former one.

Then it was picture time. I waited for like twenty minutes to get my picture taken in the gym. I wasn’t sure whether or not we were supposed to return to class after the picture because all my friends were waiting for me outside the gym. They all told me that their TAs said that they could leave right after their pictures so I was like okaaaay, I’m trusting you guys and I’m going to leave with you.

The bus ride home was awkward though. One of my friends is homosexual. Her former girlfriend just recently broke up with her and now her mom’s trying to convince her that it’s a sign and that she’s straight. Her mom also set her up on a date with this one guy who she doesn’t really like. This guy stalked her to her house, went inside, and asked, “So if you’re lesbian, how are we supposed to have sex?” and “I’m lesbian too, I like girls!“¬†Yeah, that guy was on the bus with us to go to my friend’s “date”. I don’t know about you but I don’t like people like him. Just no.

Anyway, it’s almost ten and for some reason I’m completely drained. I really need to get my sleeping schedule on track soon. Blergh.