So Far, So Good

Sep 29, 2013

I am almost done my first month of my second year at university! It’s been an interesting year leading up to now. I got into university, turned 18, hated engineering with a passion, sucked at engineering with a passion, went to the Philippines, switched majors (in a transition major right now until I can switch into computer science please don’t ask me what it is), got a job as a cashier at Walmart over the summer (don’t ask me about that either please), got my courses for this semester dropped, went to fix my schedule, found out it wasn’t actually fixed and didn’t find out until a few days into the first week, and went to go fix it yet again. So yeah, a quick summary of the last year.

Right now, I’m trying my best to keep ahead in my classes. I’m only taking three right now; which is just barely enough to be called a full time student. For this semester I am taking an introductory course to Python, a Russian literature course, and a repeat of a math course that I passed but need a higher grade in to fulfill future prerequisites. My class schedule is pretty light so that’s a big relief.

Last post I said that I’m trying to go mostly paperless. It’s going well so far. It sucks that my computer science course requires a computer (which is crazy, I know) and that my math course has online assignments, but hopefully that won’t be a problem. I decided against buying a pretty (and pretty expensive) Filofax. I’ve been using my page per day (PPD, as I’ll refer to it as in the future) planner and I found that I have a lot to do each day. Unless I want to lug around a huge binder planner with me, there’s no way I can fit all of it into a smaller sized Filofax. My At-A-Glance DayMinder is working well so far, and I love it. Plus, I can’t get over the fact that it’s such a lovely shade of orange.

my planner
My "busiest" day to date.

I really love colour coding in my planner. Each course is a different colour not only in my planner but in my notes. I bought some Sarasa SE pens at my campus bookstore. I really like the ink quality and how it looks on the page. I also love how it writes. It’s not scratchy but oh so smooth. However, it’s only been a month and the ink is running out fast! It could be because it’s a gel pen and that’s why it’s pretty much draining onto the page.They’re expensive pens too, so I was hoping I would be using them for longer. Maybe I just write too much! Mental note to find nice coloured pens that don’t run out so fast. Fat chance of that, but a girl can dream, right?

Not sure if you can see the ink levels but compare the green to the purple. This was taken after the first week of school.

While I was going through my endless RSS feed of subscribed blogs (I haven’t been keeping up lately, and have a ton of backlog oops), I stumbled upon a post from Paper Lovestory showing off Angela’s weekly timetable. That post was made exactly a month ago so you can tell where I am in my blog backlog, haha. Angela has a whole lot of cool orangization ideas. I always drool over her expensive accessories (like her Filofaxes). It kinda makes me jealous but at the same time I feel good about the money I save, haha. Plus, the printables she makes can be easily adapted for non-Filofax use, which is great for me! Anyway, the timetable is so simple but it’s so good. I took the initiative to do my own. Somewhat colour coded, of course.

I really want to redo this because I totally think I screwed something up.

Disclaimer: I realize I just linked dump and name dropped a lot of companies and blogs so I would just like to say that I compensated in mentioned these and any opinion written here is entirely my own.

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