Speaking of Security

Jun 7, 2016

My last post was about security by obscurity and I talked a little about trying to implement security techniques into my projects. This is really great timing.

Last week, various online services ran by my university were down. It was really inconvenient not having access to my e-mail but I took it in stride. I figured it was just the servers acting up or malware or something like that. It turns out that my university was dealing with a ransomware attack. I was half right. Ransomware is malware that basically holds a system hostage until a ransom is paid. My university gave into it and paid $20 000 to get the systems back.

Honestly, it seems to me like paying the ransom was the smart choice. Thousands of users were affected by this attack and it’s probably costing them a lot more not having their systems than to pay the money. It’s probably the easiest route. I haven’t done much research on it but apparently FBI recommends this. It’s better if you don’t pay the ransom but if you’re not tech savvy or the stakes are too high (but not like top secret government stakes), it’s probably a good idea.

Also, personal anecdote. I’ve had an instance of “ransomeware.” It was more like adware ransomware. I was browsing around and all of a sudden my screen flashed and accused me of a crime and asked me to pay a fine. I read through it several times and I froze a bit. I was innocent of the crime (of course) but I was worried that maybe it was something that could easily look like I commited it (think like authors who joke about being on some kind of list for researching murder methods for a book). But I calmly opened up my phone and looked up the message. Common ransomware. So I safely ignored it. Thank goodness because the amount they were asking was easily ten times more than what’s in my bank account.

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