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Apr 7, 2010

Listening to: Tada, Hitotsu no Koi – Koizora OST

So I’ve been obssessed with Koizora lately. The movie, drama, manga, novel, AND the soundtrack. Oh jeez. No matter what form of media it’s in, it never ceases to make bawl my eyes out. Plus, in the drama, Seto Koji is pretty hot. *cough*

Today was pretty good. I went to the mall and caused some shenanigans. I bought a visa gift card and I’m going to use it to buy iPod toch apps. Square Enix games FTW.

So, something even more amazing, is Joanna Newsom. I love her now. No joke. She’s like Bj√∂rk but not as amazing. Never did I ever think I would like folk music. Her voice is so child like and her harp playing is mesmerizing. The poetry in the lyrics is a breath of fresh air. Nothing like mainstream pop. Mmm. :3

Since it’s 1:06 AM and I feel like passing out, I’m going to sleep. Goodnight interwebz!

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