Star Trek Adventures: Ship Log #1

Mar 20, 2021

Day 19 of 100 Days to Offload

Captain’s Log

Stardate 47515.4 We are in the remote Elicona sector, investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Alcubierre. After three days in this unpopulated region of space, we found a promising lead. Hours ago, long-rage sensors detected a vessel and the presence of a subsspace interference. The ship is several parsecs outside Federation territory. The Alcubierre was on special assignment, testing new engine systems designed to exceed warp 5 without damaging subspace. I can only surmise that something went terribly wrong with the experiments.

We successfully boarded the U.S.S. Alcubierre. In the bay, it seemed like the vessel was just on life support systems. The bay was empty, with just the bay door slightly ajar. Thankfully, Lt. (Junior Grade) Hanor Del was able to open the door but it shut behind us. Right on the other side of the door were seven dead star fleet members. Lt. T’Prel looked them over and it concluded that it was most likely due to an altercation with Romulons. We pressed forward and out of nowhere, a phaser blasts the wall behind us. There were Romulons ahead of us on the other side of an open door.

I charged ahead, adrenaline and anger fogging up my mind, and attempted a lethal shot at the first Romulon I saw. It wasn’t enough to kill him, thankfully. I didn’t know what came over me. However, Lt. Commander Cuellas Zharath, emboldened by actions, ran over and gave the final blow and the Romulon vaporized into nothing.

The Romulons weren’t expecting us to charge in so boldly but they returned the fury. Our team had the advantage though, and nearly picked all of them off. One of them slid down a shaft and disappeared.

We contemplated chasing after him but decided to continue to the Cartography room. There, we found a Ensign working desperately at the screens. He turned around and exclaimed. He had been trying to figure out where the ship was and grateful for the help. We sat down and talked, taking a quick breather.

What This Is

I’m playing a Star Trek TTRPG with some friends and I kinda want to try to write journal entries after each session. Thankfully our sessions (so far) are nice and short. We tried TTRPGs before, a DnD game, but combat was sooo cumbersome, especially since we had so many players. This time around, it was a smaller group and a more focused session. I had quite a lot of fun!