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May 7, 2013

I’ve been in the Philippines for about five days now. We decided to take a family trip, because it’s been way too long since we’ve been here. It’s been good for the most part. Except it’s been an endless cycle of sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep with the rare outing. I thought I was going to lose weight here but I’m actually gaining, haha.

So if you want to see my Tumblr-ized version of the first two days of my trip (because I’m lazy and the heat makes me even lazier), here you go:

Holy shoes I have Internet. And I’m justifying my use of it because my brother is watching my cousin play CoD on the computer (boys are boys in any part of the world) and I have nothing else to do. ;_;

Yesterday I arrived in the Philippines. As soon as we stepped out of the plane, a wave of heat struck us. And I have to say, Noynoy International Airport is super friendly. You know that little link from the plane to the actual airport? There was staff literally lining the walls greeting us. “Welcome to the Philippines. Mabuhay. Welcome.” Pretty darn cool. While we were waiting for our baggage a swarm of people came to help us. They all want to get tipped, haha. But we ran out of pesos tipping just one person and my dad gave five dollar Canadian bills to the rest of them, haha.

The trip from the airport to my mom’s place is super long. Not really but it felt long to me. We left the airport around 10 in the morning and arrived around 6 or 7. I have to the say, I was awake for the majority of the ride and I only saw two stop lights. And they weren’t even in Manila. What I did see was a lot of campaign posters (it’s election time here) and tons of tricycles and jeeps passing us by. My uncle who came to get us likes to overtake cars and it kinda gives me a heart attack every time. He even did it in a “no overtaking zone” and I kinda freake out.

But yes we got to my mom’s place. Every one there is shorter than I am, except for my male cousins and uncles. The women are tiny. My Lola is so tiny and short and cute and wrinkly and toothless and awehh she’s so adorable. She squeezed my arm, said I was fat (in Tagalog ofc) and squeezed me tight. So cute. ;A; Anyway I went to bed after we ate. The rooms are super hot and super tiny so my mom, my Lola and I slept in one room and my brother and my dad in the other. My brother got the room with air conditioning. -__- But it’s cold-ish at night so I guess it’s okay.

I woke up this morning and it was really bright and I thought I slept in really late but it was actually like six in the morning. Welp.

After we ate breakfast (longanisa with rice, basically a sweet sausage) and took showers (it’s literally a small tiled room outdoors next to the chicken coop and the toilet that’s basically just a hole in the ground so it doesn’t really feel like you’re clean because it smells like shit everywhere) we went to the market, or palinki (idk how to spell that).

There’s so many people in the market!! So many stalls everywhere and people trying to get you to buy stuff. And flies. My brother and I followed our cousin while he was getting groceries and it was fun. He was talking to one of the vendors and as we were leaving he spoke to us in English and the vendor was like, “HOY THEY’RE ENGLISH SPEAKING.” It’s really hard not to speak English in public (we might robbed or something like that). But yes that was fun.

We got home and it was only 9. So we just lazed about, taking a nap, watching some TV, and now I’m sitting in a hot cramped room watching the boys play CoD. It’s now 3 in the afternoon.

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