Suggested Reading: The Common Librarian

Jan 3, 2013

The Common Librarian

Suggested Reading is a weekly feature that runs every, you guessed it, Wednesday. In this feature, a website, blog, or article is showcased for further reading. One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to share. So why not take advantage of that and share some of my favourite things to read on the web? This week’s SR is a multimedia blog hosted on Tumblr, The Common Librarian.

Straight from the blog:

I’m a thirty-year-old book nerd, doing a Masters in Library and Information Science in Dublin. If you’re a librarian, a student librarian, or a library enthusiast, do let me know so I can follow your blog.

My interests are varied. They include reading, thinking about reading, planning to read and buying and/or borrowing books. I also try to write a bit too. OK, so maybe not very varied. I also like drinking tea, eating gluten-free biscuits (only the nice ones) and playing with my cocker spaniel, Minerva.

I spend much too much time online. I indulge in a little* bit of fangirling. I have another blog in which I dabble in obsess over Potter, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who and other fandoms. If you’d like my URL, drop a note in my askbox.

  • May be an incredible understatement.

I discovered this blog while browsing the “MLIS” tag on Tumblr. To be honest, I haven’t officially followed her on Tumblr until now but I subscribed to her RSS feed ages ago and have been reading her posts that way. The Common Librarian is a wonderful read on all things librarian. One of my favourite things about this blog is that it’s not all informative, but also quite personal. The multimedia posts, such as photos, videos, debates with other users, and links help with this (and they all relate to libraries and books!). While reading her blog, you can definitely tell that she has passion for what she does and that makes it enjoyable for the reader.

If you’re looking for a nice personal blog about libraries, book, and general MLIS adventures, The Common Librarian might just be for you.

EDIT: I asked The Common Librarian a question on Tumblr and she replied to me. :)

If you could tell a random stranger about your profession in less than 50 words, what would you say?

We are educators, information detectives, literacy advocates, fiction-pushers, knowledge protectors, eternal learners, public liaisons, budgeting wizards, managers, team-workers, magic facilitators, human search engines, nerds, geeks and readers. :)

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