Sep 8, 2007

Three days ago, I started school, and I found out that we no longer have homerooms. Now we have TA I went to my TA in the band room and found three grade niners there, and I thought I was in the wrong homeroom, but I wasn’t. Oh and guess who my teacher advisors are? The principal and the vice principal! This is going to be one great year.

I have three of my friends in my TA and I have to stick with my TA Until I finish junior high… bleh.

There’s this seventh grade girl there, who I noticed was wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas sweater and she was the girl who said my shirt (a Jack and Sally shirt) was cool earlier on. Then, after a confusing day of school (a lot of the rooms were changed around) I opened my locker, and the girl with the sweater asked me, “You like My Chemical Romance?” as she probably saw the My Chemical Romance CD lyric jacket hanging on my locker.

She just smiled at me and said, “I love My Chemical Romance! They’re my favorite band!”

I just stared and just mumbled a reply “Uh, I love them too. They’re my favorite band…I mean, second.”

She suddenly has this weird look on her face and asked me, “Why? Who’s your favorite band?”

Then I replied with, “Green Day!”

She just smiles again and goes, “I love Green Day! I had a Green Day bag yesterday! My name’s Madison, what’s yours? What grade are you in?”

I (finally) smiled, “I’m Edel. I’m in grade 8.”

Madison waved, “Cool, I’ll see you tomorrow?” Then she ran down the hall way.

Today I sat with her and ate lunch, and we were sitting nearby a group of my friends. My friend Patrick just stares at me, Madison and her friends and goes, “Is this your new best friend? Are you not best friends with Paige anymore?”

If I was sitting nearer, I would have slapped him. “NO!” I almost shouted, “Paige will always be my friend!” so, yah, now Pat’s teasing me about Madison but he’s the one who forgot how to open a door once! So he shouldn’t be really talking.