The Beginning of the End

Feb 1, 2012

January was a mostly boring month. Filled with studying, tears, gaming, eating, sleeping, more tears, and a bit more studying. The only exciting day was yesterday, which was the first day of the semester. The last semester of high school. Oh, the end is near.

One of my the girls in my section told me that there was band practice the morning of the first day of semester. I went to school at seven and… No band practice. There were people there but not my crowd. Now, we have cubby holes in the band room. We usually leave our stuff on the floor but now we have cubby holes which is kind of inconvenient since they’re upstairs. I kinda wish they didn’t make them but at the same time, the band room always looks like a hurricane swept through. Plus, it’s a safety hazard!

Anyway, my new schedule for this semester is calculus first period, English second, social third, and then physics last. It’s a bit heavy (for high school anyway). I’m already drowning in homework! Ah, well I better get used to it if I’m doing engineering in university.

Today in English, my teacher started throwing deadlines at us and I was feeling overwhelmed already. Then she showed us exemplar essays… Oh goodness, my writing is nowhere near that level! I have a lot of work to do this semester. :S I think English is the course I’m most worried about.

Still, I’m going to try my best to post as much as I can. Most of them will be school related as that is the only thing I know right now, and the only thing I will know for the rest of the semester!

Category: High School