The Monday After is Always the Worst

Mar 6, 2014

The Monday after reading week is always the worst, that is. I told my friend who is from the States that I had reading week and she had no idea what it is. It’s pretty much a Canadian/Commonwealth countries thing where we get a couple days off in the middle of the semester. I heard from the grapevine that reading week started because mid-semester is a period when too stressed out students tend to commit suicide.

To be honest, reading week makes me more stressed out! Mostly because I always plan to be productive and study but then I end up doing nothing at all and it makes me stressed that I did absolutely zilch. It definitely doesn’t help that all of my midterms are the week after reading week. Ay…

So what exactly did I do all week, if not studying?

Mostly Tumblr and the Olympics. I’m usually not a big sports fan but this year I found myself really invested! Mostly because of the super cute1 and super adorable2 and super talented3 Japanese figure skater and gold medalist, Yuzuru Hanyu. Ever since I disovered this skating genius, I became engrossed in the figure skating world. I watched the FP (free skate program, also called LP/long program) and watched him win gold!

Favourite men skaters at Sochi (in no particular order):

  • Yuzuru Hanyu
    Do I even have to explain again?
  • Patrick Chan
    Ah, my fellow Canadian. It was awesome he got silver for Canada. He’s a great guy and super cute as well. He’s so strong, masculine, and “stereotypically” athletic. A strong contrast to Hanyu, who’s really feminine, soft, and almost whimsical. I really appreciate that about Chan. Oh, and his exhibition was pretty great, too. It was weird trying to see him “let down his hair.” It was almost awkward but he had enough charms to pull it off. He was smoooooth. There’s no one else I’d rather have for silver!
  • Denis Ten
    The bronze medalist. This guy really captured my heart. He’s a skater from Kazakhstan and he’s GREAT on the ice. Technically strong and had so much artistic quality. I also came across really cute gifs of him on Tumblr. He’s such a cute dork! His exhibition was super cool. It featured Kazakh folk music and was really intense. My jaw was open pretty much the whole time. wOW. Plus he favourited one of my Tweets on Twitter. I’m still freaking out about it.
  • Kevin Reynolds
    Ok, this guy is super awesome. In his SP (short program), he skated to ACDC. Who skates to ACDC in figure skating?? This guy. He’s such a rockstar. He fell a couple of times, which visibly affected him. It was disheartening to watch him react to his low score. However, in his FP, he definitely redeemed himself. He looked like a Greek god, and skated like one too, if Greek gods could skate. It made me really happy! Oh, and he’s CANADIAN. So. Proud. To. Be. Canadian.
  • Jason Brown
    Technically, Jason Brown was my gateway to figure skating but Hanyu just gave me that final push. I saw a video of Jason Brown doing an Irish dance in one of his skates on Tumblr, and I was just in awe. He has so much personality and poise. He doesn’t have “the jump” (the ever elusive quad) that others do but there’s something about him that just draws you in to his performances.
  • Daisuke Takahashi
    I missed out on his SP but I did watch his FP. Even so, I only need that to know he’s legendary. It’s a shame that he’s retiring because, ugh, the talent he has! His exhibition was fabulous. There was absolutely no denying his talent.
  • Tatsuki Machida
    I will admit, I only watched his exhibtion. But it was one of my favourite skates from Sochi purely because it was pretty amazing. He skated along to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and it was awesome and lighthearted. Not to mention, there was a sweet air guitar bit in it too.
  • Javier Fernandez
    I’m so sorry, Javi, but I only watched your exhibition as well… And to be honest… It was super hilarious. It featured a medley of songs with bits where he recorded himself in an imaginary role of a gym trainer. It was full of personality and just made me giggle and smile throughout the whole thing. I mean, come on, how can you not love a hot Spanish skater skating to himself saying things like “A body like this just doesn’t happen”?

I didn’t restrict myself to just male skaters, contrary to popular belief. I watched the ladies in it’s entiriety. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

  • Isadora Williams
    She wasn’t one of the strongest contenders for the medal, but I just loved loved loved her FP. It was super smooth and seductive!
  • Akiko Suzuki
    This girl is a trooper. She suffered from anorexia and successfully overcame it! I really think Suzuki is one of the prettiest ladies that was present at Sochi. She’s seriously so adorable. I love her smile, I’m always smiling along with her. It hurts after a while because it’s like she’s always smiling! Her dress in the FP was breathtakingly beautiful. I really loved it, she skated so sweetly. She was just like a ballerina! It’s a shame that she’s retiring as well. Then again, she was the oldest female skater there. 28 years old doesn’t sound much but that’s old in figure skating. Man, I totally thought she was way younger! I love her youthfulness!
  • Polina Edmunds
    I’m not sure if Edmunds is really thin or really lanky or a combination of both. Her limbs are really long and she uses it to her advantage. She’s super graceful on the ice! I loved how the commentators talked about her. They made her sounds a bit cocky but in a playful non-insulting way. She just has a lot of confidence! I love seeing that in her! And I don’t blame her for her confidence. She was stunning on the ice.
  • Mao Asada
    Please don’t talk to me about Mao Asada. I’m absolutely smitten by this lady, almost as smitten I am by Yuzuru! I’ve heard she is a skating legend in Japan. Plus, she’s had a rivalry with fellow female figure skater “Queen” Yuna Kim, which means she is WAY up there. I watched the SP with great anticipation for Asada’s skate. It wasn’t at all what I expected. She fell on her first jump, a triple axle if I recall correctly. That was okay but she let it affect her performance and missed other jumps as well. It was really just super sad, you could see her get super frustrated. Everyone thought she’d be on the podium but she just lost her chance. However, the next day, she slayed the competition, earning the third highest mark for that day and the fourth highest mark of all time. She definitely redeemed herself. The skate was beautiful (as was she), technically great (she landed eight hard jumps), and just so emotional (I was getting so teary eyes because I couldn’t stop think, “Mao you deserve a medal!” and then she started crying as well). Definitely my number one favourite of the entire 2014 Winter Olympics. Emotionally charged and beautiful!
  • Carolina Kostner
    There was something beautiful about her performances. She skated cleanly, had the “star power” to captivate you, and was all around breath taking. I really enjoyed them and she earned her bronze medal! Her costumes were pretty awesome too, wow.
  • Yulia Lipnitskaya
    This kid is only 15 years old and she is AMAZING. She’s so extremely graceful on the ice. It’s just beautiful to watch her skate. I was mesmerized the first time I saw her skate! She’s definitely Russia’s figure skating sweetheart for sure.
  • Yuna KimShe’s the queen of figure skating. I prefer Asada but Kim is definitely Asada’s equal, if not, she’s better than Asada. She is pretty much technical perfection.

So I definitely wrote this a week ago and I’m already done with all of my midterms.

Computer Science: B+

I’m not happy with this, haha. I was 0.5 away from getting an A-! I’m so disappointed, haha. Then again, I literally studied for this midterm for maybe a total of three hours, and even that is generous. I guess it’s a good enough mark for barely studying. I should have studied. Then I would have my A-/A!

Religious Studies: A+

Oh goodness me, I am so happy for this! I totally did not expect this mark. I got a 99%. Technically, he curved it and I got lower but after the curve, I have 99%. I’m pretty darn happy about this.

Philosophy: ??

I don’t know yet. I’m sure that I did not do as well as my first Philosophy midterm. I was shaky on some of the short answers and I don’t think I did the essay to the best of my ability. I’m hoping for a B/B+!

  • I’m serious, his cuteness knows no bounds. You probably don’t think “cute” when you think 19 year old male but when I think of this guy, that’s all I think about.  
  • No, you don’t understand. I melt inside every time I see his face. I’m already at the point where I hate his face. He’s just THAT adorable.  
  • His short program at Sochi broke the world record. He’s just THAT good. One of the commentators said his skating is “irresistable.” Girl, you know what’s up.