They Were Born Ready!

Jul 21, 2011

Showbands Live

Over a week ago I went to the Stampede grounds to see Showbands Live. Showbands Live is an annual marching band competition. Every year there are the regulars (The Stetsons Calgary Showband, The Red Deer Royals, and Bishop Grandin Marching Ghosts). Last year I was part of the Ghosts and I wanted to support them and see them compete. This year there were a lot of American bands that were participating. There are no words to describe how amazing each band was.

Here’s a list of all the acts that preformed:

  • Chinook Country Line Dancers
  • A Band of Outriders
  • The Red Deer Royals
  • The Renegade Regiment (US)
  • Calgary Stampede Showband
  • Lighthouse Brigade of Recine (US)
  • Calgary Stetsons Showband
  • Sound of Sun Prairie (US)
  • Shadow Armada (US)
  • Bishop Grandin Marching Ghosts


All the bands were great but a few of them really stuck out to me. First things first, The Stetsons. The Stetsons is our rival band. For some reason, we don’t like each other and it’s been that way for a long time. Their show was pretty… decent. However, it bore a ton of similarities to Grandin’s last year’s show. It was pretty obvious that they took some inspiration from our show, even copying some charts and formations. Even the concept of the show was the same. Other than that, it was a decent show. I think it relied to heavily on props but the music was pretty good.

Secondly, there’s The Shadow Armada. They were from the US, a high school marching band. I must say that they were extremely impressive. Their show was extremely precise, the music was amazing, and the visuals just wow. I really loved their drumline. I have a soft spot for good drumlines even though I play a woodwind instrument. The drum solos were intricate and just so darn catchy. The Shadow Armada was a great marching band and really a great treat to watch. So great that they won first place. They really deserved as they were just that amazing.

Grandin Ghosts

Of course, I have to mention my own band, the Bishop Grandin Marching Ghosts. After listening to them play their show music every day of the week before school, I have to say that they really improved from the beginning of the year. Their music was just amazing and so epic, and loud, and in your face. The show wasn’t up to par with the early morning practices unfortunately. Still, their show was pretty good. Better than the Stetsons of course. Their theme was “Pandora’s Box”. It was pretty cool because they had an actual box. It was glowing and spouting fog and everything. I have to say it was cool to see a prop like that. Sadly, they only landed third place but their competitors were tough. Nevertheless, I’m so proud of them!

Speaking of Grandin, I finished summer school two days ago. I finished the course with a 95% and a 98% on my final exam. Wow, I’m so glad it’s over. Now I can sleep in, stay up late, and blog as much as I want, haha.

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