Transition to Foundation: Successful?

Aug 26, 2015

Okay I’m so angry, I wrote this entire post out in the “Quick Draft” section of my dashboard, clicked “Save Draft” and then when I came back, what I wrote was erased. :( This happens a lot but not enough for me to remember to save entries locally before I publish… I’ll try my best to recreate what I just wrote. I’m still really salty, haha.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was moving from Bootstrap to Foundation. I even applied the theme to my study blog. I don’t really know where I got the motivation to finally do this. Maybe it’s because school is approaching way to quickly and I wanted to do something productive for once. Over the summer I’ve been planning all the projects that I want to accomplish with my websites. It’s great to do even one thing on that list!

When it comes to my websites, I always get hung up when I (feel like I) have to update with a new theme. Foundation kind of alleviated that feeling. It’s a super intuitive framework and easier (in my opinion) to work with than Bootstrap. Some time ago I accepted that I’m not really that much of a web designer. So now I opt for more simple designs. Even though I’ve been making websites for a couple of years now, I haven’t really improved much when it comes to web design. I just really want to focus on making original content instead of agonizing over how to display that content. Premade themes are more accesible but I feel obligated to make it myself. If it means taking the “easier” route by using frameworks, so be it.

I have to admit, most of the content I want to make is very “me” oriented. I mostly only care about archiving the things I do so that I can look back on them. Honestly, it doesn’t matter that much to me if I have a regular audience. While I genuinely like getting to know people who interact with my content, but it’s not the main goal. “Regular” social media, though, is another beast entirely.

Social media is known for instant gratification and love how fast and simple feedback is. Most of the time, the feedback I get isn’t even for my own content. There’s something so easy about social media and I can put in a lot of time into it. I’ve been trying to cut down but recently I logged back into my Tumblr account. However, I unfollowed a lot of fandom blogs and now I follow study related blogs. It gets old quickly when I’m scrolling through similar posts (unfortunately, a lot of study posts look the same) so I have been opening the Tumblr app less. In a weird way, I’m also more motivated to post my own original content there. I even automatically post my content from my study blog over here.

Now I totally forgot how I ended this post. I originally wanted this post to be a sort of summer wrap up but I kinda went off on a tangent. One of the habits that I need to work on is to stop talking about 138741287 things in one blog post. I’m not really good at the blogging thing but I do it anyway. Like I said, I’ll work on it.

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