Tumblr Post: School Supplies Haul

Aug 20, 2015

Disclaimer: This is a cross post from my Tumblr blog, Study, Scattered Me!. As well, any products mentioned in this post are not in any way sponsored (unless stated) and my views on those products are my own.

Here’s a picture of all the school supplies I bought for this year (and hopefully years to come). I didn’t spend a lot compared to previous years and I’m so happy. Don’t worry, I ALWAYS recycle and/or reuse my paper!

  • Lined Paper 150 Sheets (x20) – Walmart had each pack for $0.10. I know this paper isn’t the best quality but I can’t resist a sale. This is 3,000 sheets of paper for only $2! These will hopefully last me beyond my graduation (good thing my little brother will still be in school then).
  • Graph Ruled Envioronote Comp Book (x8) – These were the cheapest graph notebooks that I could find wih that many pages (80 each). I found them at my university and I’m so glad I researched before going or else I would have bought a different and expensive brand. I already started colour coding them with washi tape on the cover (no, they don’t come like that).
  • @theOFFICE Multi-Purpose Paper 500 Sheets – I always buy this brand, although sometimes I buy HP paper. I need a lot of paper because I’m always printing out lecture slides, letters, homework descriptions, textbook chapters, etc.
  • Five Star 13-pocket Expanding File – Okay, I don’t know why I put this in the picture because I actually don’t use this for school… I use it to file away letters that I receive from my penpals! My old one broke and this one is much bigger!
  • Pencil Box – I regret removing the sticker off the box before I saw what brand it is. It’s just a simple pencil box that slides in and out. So cheap too, compared to other pencil cases I looked at! I found this at my university bookstore.
  • Stabilo Pens – I’ve been using Staedtlers even before I knew studyblr was a thing (I’m not trying to sound hipster, I swear, but I am trying to sound like less of a bandwagoner). I was about to buy a pack of them before I that Stabilos were NINE DOLLARS CHEAPER. I’m so cheap, do you see a trend in this list…
  • Frixion Highlighters – I use these only in my planner. I’ve been using these for a long time as well. Except my previous ones were running low on ink so it was time to more!
  • Blue and Black Bic Pens – Every single school year I buy these. $1 per pack. I either lose them or they explode in my backpack. Now that I have a pencil case (I used to just throw my pens in my backpack), I hope less of that will happen. I use these for lecture notes. I mostly use black and then I use blue to indicate that I want to use a different colour for when I rewrite those notes.
  • Post-It Sticky Flags – I gotta start reusing my flags because I don’t have a lot left! I usually use these in my planner and in my textbooks. Why do they cost so much? Maybe I need to start shopping somewhere else to get them for cheaper…