‘Twas the Night Before the Last Final….

Dec 16, 2013

And all though the house

Not a creature was stirring

Not even a certain university student who should be cramming.

Today was everything but studying. I had the intentions of doing so. I even planned out my day! Then things happened. Those things consist of: music and Ray. I spent most of my day hanging out on Last.fm. Then I went to make a quick tweet about how much I hate recursion, for when I actually decided to crack open my textbook for two seconds. Then I did a quick scan through of my Twitter timeline and saw that Ray was doing a live stream of Dead Rising 3 on Twitch.

If you don’t know who Ray is, he is an employee of Rooster Teeth. He literally plays games (I lied, he mostly edits the footage of said gameplay) for a living and he is quite the comical guy. I got a shout out and was seriously happy he pronounced my username right (it has my actual name in it and people usually never get it right). It definitely made my heart go doki doki. Like, “OMG he said my name.”

On to the actual stream… I’m not a big fan of zombie games. I watched my brother play the zombies mode in CoD and I grew tired of it within a week. Not to mention I’ve watched the movie “I Am Legend” too many times before. I know “Dead Rising” and “Last of Us” and “The Walking Dead” are all hit video games but I will never get into the zombie craze. I really want to play Last of Us though, but I just don’t want to do the zombie part of it. That’s like everything. I don’t even want to watch walkthroughs on YouTube. What is the world coming to??

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