Updates…and Calling All Bookworms!

Aug 19, 2009


I finally have some content up! 22 new icons and 2 new layouts. Go check it out! (2011 note: these links do not work)

Calling All Bookworms:

Summer is almost over and I have read about 120 books. Whoot! It may seem impossible but it isn’t. Very few of the books I’ve read stand out in my mind. If you’re a bookworm, check out these books!

Snitch by Alison Van Diepen

One For Sorrow by Mary C. Sheppard

Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Luna by Julie Anne Peter

Mercy by Jodi Picoult

Emma by Kaori Mori (Manga)

The Land Of The Blindfolded by Sakura Tsubaska (Manga)

Hoshi No Koe ~Voices of a Distant Star~ by Mizu Sahara (Manga)

My main favourites was “Snitch” and “Hoshi no Koe”.


Julia Di Vino falls in love with Eric Valicente, a gang member, and wants nothing of him. She can’t stay away, and eventually gets caught up in her school’s gang rivalry.

Hoshi No Koe

Mikako is in a misson in outer space while her friend, Noburu, is still back on Earth and their only means of communication is by text messages. But as she explores deeper into space, the messages take longer to send, and Noburu ages while Mikako doesn’t.

Anyway, I got a new cell phone! A Sony Ericsson W760a! I alreay have my contacts, music, and everything. Well, everything but decent ringtones. Haha.

Bye for now!

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