Virtual Reality is the Future?

Feb 16, 2017

Last weekend my SO and I found ourselves at the mall. He needed to buy hand cream for his climber hands and I was there along for the ride and to possibly look for Valentine’s Day chocolate (no, I did not find any chocolate). We decided to stop at the Microsoft Store and try the Vive demo.

It was super cool.

I got the chance to play Job Simulator and a couple of other games. The experience was kind of surreal. It was definitely everything I expected it to be. I did not anticipate the binaural sound, which was a pleasant surprise. It was shame I only got 15 minutes to play around with it.

The price point is a little ridiculous although understandable for “cutting edge” technology. I can’t wait for virtual reality to become more accessible to the general public.

Games seem like the most probable use case but I’d also love to see it for virtual training, video calls, exploring, etc. Working from home seems kinda fun too. There’s probably a lot more uses for virtual reality that we haven’t thought of yet but the prospect is exciting. Can it be the future already?

Category: Technology
Tags: #vr