Jun 20, 2011

Listening to: Blue and Yellow by The Used

Updates: Finally opened!

Today Brokenphrases is officially open for business! If you want to know more about the site and myself, feel free to go here. So, I’ve finally opened Brokenphrases after a year of endless hiatuses and revamping. As you can see, I’ve imported as many of my old blog posts from Ueda♥Love, Pure Orenji, and old Brokenphrases that I could find. Why? Because I feel so giddy when I see those old posts. Plus, I’d never read them if they stayed as databases and text files. Anyway, I hope this will stick around for good (they always say that, don’t they?).

I have quite a lot of free time now that exams are over. I only took one exam, English. I’m just horrible at reading comprehension (which is basically what the final exam was) and whenever I think I did good, the results show me otherwise. I’m glad I got it over with, but I’m still worried about my mark. Let’s just hope that I did alright.

Right now, I’m reading a novel by Ryu Murakami called “Piercing”. It’s quite possibly the most terrifying thing I’ve ever read but I lobe it! The novel revolves around a man who has a strong desire to stab his baby every night. He never goes through with it but one day he decides to relieve his desire through stabbing someone else other than his daughter. The rest of the story is well, disturbingly great. Murakami is known for his psycho-thrillers and gosh, they aren’t kidding when they say he’s a master at horror! At least once I’m done this book I have over a dozen chick lit novels I can indulge in…

Well since it’s currently around 12 in the morning, I’m singing off. Take care guys!

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