Well, That’s Cute

Aug 23, 2011

I was browsing through some blogs yesterday and came across a blog dedicated to a cat. The blog, I Am Maru is ridiculously cute. It’s about a cat named Maru who lives in Japan. The owner likes to take pictures of Maru and put cute captions underneath it. I really think it’s adorable.

I love cats. They’re just so fluffy and moody (for some reason, that’s what I love about them). Sadly, I’m 99% sure I’m allergic to cats. My eyes get red, puffy, and watery whenever I’m around cats. I also sneeze like a maniac. It’s unfortunate because I’ve always loved cats. Maybe one day I could get a hairless or hypoallergenic cat. Like a sphynx or something. Although, anything that’s hairless kinda freaks me out. Remember Kim Possible? I looked at a real picture of a real naked mole rat because of it. After that, I was never the same again. Sphynx cats kinda looks cute though.

Anyway, I start school in nine days. I’m excited but a bit scared. My last year of high school! Then I’ll be somewhat pushed into the real world.

I took some of your suggestions and started looking at scholarships and such. There’s a lot of them. I found this one scholarship that give $3,000 for every year for three years if you’re studying on the oil and gas industry, which is exactly what I’m planning on doing. That would be a lot of help. So I’m going to have to work even harder this year. My schedule is packed and I anticipate a whole load of work. Yeah, I’m gonna relax as much as I can over the next nine days.

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