Who Needs One Topic Blog Posts?

Feb 17, 2013

I quit Tumblr for Lent. It’s only been a couple of days, and I’ve accumulated so many Tumblr blog posts in my mind and it’s kinda driving me crazy. So crazy to the point where a Tumblr and serious blog crossover is inevitable. Tumblr posts are mostly Twitter-like in nature, except ten times the sarcasm, ten times the ironic usage of poor grammar and spelling, and ten times that length. Not to mention the heavily fangirling where everyone assumes that everyone else knows what they’re talking about, even if they’re not in the fandom (I tried so hard to make this sentence make sense but this is all I got).

Ugh no wow stop

Attractive engineering guy is really attractive. I haven’t seen him since like semester. Now I go to a different lecture for my statics course because my statics prof confuses me. I found out that attractive engineering guy was in the lecture and we’ve been sitting together lately. It’s nice. I love watching his mouth when he talks. One side of his mouth goes crooked. Really cute. Although he tends to mumble/speak really softly. Combined with the accent I’m constantly saying “Pardon? Oh goodness, sorry, I didn’t hear that… What? Say that again? … Pardon?” I also noticed that his hair seems to look lighter. I thought it was jet black (or really close to black) but now it looks like a warm and dark chestnut. I also feel stupid now, he got a B+ in the subject I did the worst in and said he wasn’t smart. Brb crying in a corner now.

Look at Jake, all smug at how he ruined our family dinner.


Today the family and I were eating a nice, quiet dinner and then Homestuck got updated. I know this because my dad suddenly said, “Do you hear that?” It was the sound of my laptop blasting Cascade, the song my update checking software plays every time there’s a new Homestuck update. I wanted to go turn it off but my mom was all, “No! Stay at the dinner table, no one’s supposed to leave until we’re all done eating!” So we spent the rest of the dinner awkwardly talking over Cascade while I was drowning in tons of Cascade related feels.




(Note: This is a typical Tumblr post for me. Yeah. Tumblr culture is significantly different than the sophisticated blogosphere).

I’m srsly so stupid

My chem lab partner is kinda cute, hahahahahaha

*flied out the window*

But I seriously ruined our lab experiment and I just. WHY??

I take reading week seriously

I went to the library today and got some awesome possum books. I was delighted to see that my local library had the “blind date with a book” booth set up. So I picked one up. It was labelled as “a wonderfully woven tapestry” or something like that. At first I was like, OH GOD A BOOK ABOUT TAPESTRIES HOW HARD CORE IS THAT THIS BOOK SPEAKS TO ME. But it’s actually a book about India. That’s cool too, but I was disappointed. One day I’m going to write a book about five little old ladies in a tapestry weaving club. Now that’s hard core. (I’m not even joking I’ve got the whole thing planned out).

Always there

To the man and his son who I never fail to see every Saturday sitting in front of the religious books whenever I go to Fish Creek,

I assume the worst. The public library is public after all. The first two times I saw you two sitting there, I thought nothing of it. But both times neither of you were looking at the books. This time you were just holding your son, both of you in your own world. I don’t know your story. I don’t know why you’re always here. But I hope that whatever happens in your life, it will only be good things.

Where are you from?

Person: Where are you from?

Me: Canada

Person: No like, where are you from?

Me: Canada???


I got this question asked to me yesterday. Twice. I decided to not be sassy and just said, “I’m Filipino. I was born here.” But it’s funny whenever people ask me that question. Kinda like how they assume everyone’s an immigrant (which is technically true if you go far back enough and if you’re not First Nations).

Those midterms gfdi

I had two midterms today. Pretty sure I failed both of them. I’m 100% sure I’ll do better on the remaining midterms though because I actually know what’s going on in those courses.

It’s weird how that after I write I write a hard test, I am filled with self loathing. Not just the “wow I’m so stupid why do I procrastinate I hate myself” self loathing you’d expect after an academic failure but the “wow I’m a horrible person like that one time I said a bad thing about that one person x years ago” kind of self loathing. I don’t understand how that works.

Can’t wait for summer!

It’s official. We’re going to the Philippines for the month of May! My mom just picked up the plane tickets a couple of days ago. I’m super excited. I can’t wait. I just need to get through this gosh darn awful semester first. Hopefully it’ll happen…