WIP Wednesday: Snowfall Mittens

Oct 17, 2018

WIP stands for a “work in progress.” As an avid crafter, I always have at least one WIP!

Snowfall Mittens

I have finished one half of my Christmas present to one of my cousins. I’ve had this yarn sitting in my stash for a long time (I bought it a year and a half ago). I plan to hopefully make a couple of mittens/scarves/toques to burn through some of my yarn stash. After this, I plan to make mittens for my mother.

I didn’t follow the patten 100%. I didn’t add the decorative hearts that are in the pattern because I wasn’t sure how it would look like with the yarn since it is multicoloured. I don’t think it would be contrasted very well.

This is a fairly easy pattern though and is pretty quick too. I only took a long time because I took like a month long break between starting and finishing this one mitten. I think I can confidently crochet this on the train to work though, even if I’m just standing up (but only if I’m standing against a wall a not clinging to a pole).

While crocheting this, I listened to the adudiobook of Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. It’s a bit of a thinker/emotional book so I definitely got sidetracked at times. I am loving the book so far. It’s the perfect amount of melancholy for me. I think audiobooks and crocheting go together very well!