WIP Wednesday: Tin Can Knits Wheat

Jan 9, 2019

WIP stands for a “work in progress.” As an avid crafter, I always have at least one WIP!


I’ve tried to make this scarf so many times! It’s a good beginner scarf, I’ve heard. Just vanilla knit and purls (is all knitting just knits and purls? I’m still a newbie knitter). I haven’t knitted somethianythingng since I made my first knitted FO. Knitting takes a lot longer compared to crochet so it takes a lot of patience.

I might rename this scarf from “Wheat Caramel” to “The Jack Pearson Scarf.” I’ve been watching the Netflix/NBC TV show This is Us while making this scarf. I know I will probably catch up to the series before I finish this scarf but I think it would be a nice name!

The main reason why I took up this scarf was because I stumbled across a group on Ravelry, full moon knit along. It’s just a KAL that spans for a month for small projects. I have no idea if I can finish this scarf in 28 days (it is now day four) but here’s hoping!

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Tags: #knitting #wip #scarf