Xbox One Media Briefing 2013

Jun 10, 2013

So I started this post with me sitting in my office with Wheat Thins in hand, waiting for the Microsoft Press Conference to start via Twitch. The sound was clear, virtually no lag (unless I decided to open a gazillion tabs), and pretty good quality for just 360p. I never realized how huge E3 is. The venue for the Microsoft Press Conference is flipping huge. Seeing the crowd and the green glow absolutely sets the atmosphere. I can sense the anticipation in the room and golly am I excited! This is mostly a live blog and doesn’t really offer any insights or anything, just things that jumped out at me. Also, I am game illiterate so my knowledge is basically null.

While watching this, typing this up, and making some tweets, I was also reading Rooster Teeth’s live blog of the event. It’s pretty hilarious, in a way.

I’m liking that I’m seeing gameplay. Not going to lie, MGS 5 looks like a cool game, even though I’m not fond for these type of games.

A big shocker to me was the fact that they’re releasing a new version of the Xbox 360. I find that… Weird. Especially a couple of months before the Xbox One coming out. I guess it’s another way to rake in money.

Max and the Curse of Brotherhood is very cute platformer, seemingly tailored to younger gamers. Good to see that, there lacks good children games nowadays. Gotta grab them while they’re young!

Now, Ryse: Son of Rome. A new franchise. A historical game, obviously taking place during the Roman times. Mostly a cinematic trailer, not sure if I’m entirely sold yet. Scratch that, a live demo. You wouldn’t even realize it IS gameplay, until the HUD comes on. I’d say it’s very next gen. Just might get it. Hopefully it’s not an Xbox One exclusive. I really like how if you want to step on someone, the button prompt is over the character’s foot. That’s a really cool detail. It looks awesome. And… It’s exclusive to Xbox One.

Okay I don’t like cars, but I like this car. Holy crap that McLaren P1 is so freaking sleek and sexy. I want that car.

The premise of this Quantam Break is almost deal breaking. I like this. Technology that can stop or stutter time? I love games like these. Too bad I think it’s another exclusive game for the Xbox One.

And time went by really fast, I kinda glazed my eyes over the rest of the briefing, mostly because they were shooting games and I don’t really find shooting games all that fun unless the story is ground breaking. I’m picky about my character development. And I love conspiracy theories.

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