Yarn Haul #9 and #10: Gina Brown’s and STASH Lounge

Jan 6, 2019

It’s been a while since my yarn haul post. Admittedly, I have done some yarn hauls since I last posted. But what better way to start the new year with my latest two trips?

This year, I am going to try my darndest to not buy more yarn. My cousin is expecting a baby soon and she asked me to knit a blanket and a hat for the baby so I know I will have to buy yarn for that (I don’t want to use my cheap yarn for a newborn). So I might not post another one of these yarn haul posts until next year!

Yarn Haul #9

It can be pretty cheap to get cotton yarn. I usually go to Walmart and I find some for maybe $2 or so. Except I wanted specific colours that Walmart unfortunately did not have. I was looking for some blue colours for a jellyfish that I was making for a friend.

Since I also needed safety eyes for the jellyfish, I decided to go to Gina Brown’s , the closest LYS to me. Unfortunately they didn’t have safety eyes, just buttons. But they did have some cotton yarn! There were a lot of colour choices! I almost didn’t grab the blue I had in mind. I wish the colours I got were slightly more contrasting but I think it ended up looking quite nice anyway.

Lily Sugar n Cream Robins Egg

Lily Sugar n Cream Seabreeze

I was also looking for some yarn for a scarf. I wasn’t quite sure what pattern I was going to use for the scarf. I was debating between Tin Can Knit’s Wheat and Purl Soho’s Broken Garter Scarf. I really wanted a softer yarn and I knew I wanted it to be green. While not the sofest green yarn there, Estelle fit my budget.

Estelle Alpaca Merino DK

Yarn Haul #10

I tried using the buttons for eyes but I didn’t like the way it looked. So I shot an e-mail to STASH asking if they had safety eyes. They did! So I made a trip there.

I knew that I would not leave STASH without some yarn as well. As soon as I found the safety eyes, I wandered around. A lot of the yarn didn’t really catch my eye, even if they are all beautiful. But it wasn’t until I started touching and squishing them that I wanted to bring them home.

Woolfolk is quite possibly the sofest yarn I felt up in that store that day. And it came with the perfect shade of green, a shade that was much closer to what I wanted compared to the Estelle yarn.

So I ended up buying it. It was quite pricy but wow, I hope it’s worth it! I read up about some complaints with pilling but I feel that’s just part of the package. I’m very excited to start working with this!

Woolfolk far