Year of Projects: Year 8 Week 2

Jan 15, 2019

Year of Projects

Year of Projects is a group on Ravelry where members share and update each other on the progress of their knitting, crochet, cross stitch, or other crafty projects.

This week was slow and brutal, being the first full week back at work. I struggled getting through the week. On Thursday I went out for chicken bites with some people. I love chicken bites. But I will never get the dry rub chicken bites ever again. I like my chicken doused in sauce.

Someone at work posted in the “Wings & Sometimes Karaoke” chat room a link about how many chickens humans consume. 60 billion in 2016. That’s quite a lot of chickens. Just having a pound of wings is probably like five chickens right there. A little scary to think about.

I know some people expressed concern last week about Disqus. I’ve done some digging and there is a feature that lets people comment on Disqus without logging in. I’ve enabled it and if you’re inclined to do so, you can now comment without making an account and having to login.

Anyway, onto the projects.


Eye of the Beholder

This is the first BAMCAL (Block a month Crochet Along) square of the year! It is not nearly as bright of a yellow as the picture shows. It’s a tad more orange-y. I really love the texture in this square. It reminds me of fireworks so it’s a pretty appropriate pattern.

New Year Burst

This is just a six inch square. I originally started it thinking it was the regular 12” squares but nope! It’s pretty cute, though. I didn’t weave my ends yet so is it really “finished”? Probably not but eh.


Wheat Caramel

It’s slowly getting longer. I was cleaning out my stash before the new year and I found another skein of this yarn. So this will be one long scarf! It is getting a little bit wonky. I don’t know if blocking will help it at all. This is my first scarf that I’ve knitted so I expected this…

2019 Temperature Scarf

This is week one and a half of my temperature scarf. It’s a little on the thin side to be a scarf but it will be probably quite long so that makes up for it. I was talking to someone on Ravelry and they said they’ll make scarves for a couple of years and then just stitch them together to make one big blanket. I might do that!

So far, it has been consistently between 0C to -10C on average. We had two weeks so far in January with weather over 0C which is awesome. But it’s been getting colder…

With my temperature scarf, I’ve resolved to also record my mood in white. A row with white on the left side indicates an overall good day. A row with white on the right is a not so good day.

Garter Slippers

Knitting takes forever! I’m not use to it. Crochet works up so quickly compared to knitting. I started the garter slippers since it was the Beginner Knitter group’s KAL for January. I might only finish one slipper at this rate.


Another Tin Can Knits pattern! I’m slowly going through their Simple Collection patterns since I’m still a beginner knitter. It took me quite a while to figure out how to cast on in the round. I tried the magic loop method with circulars but it confused me to heck. I think using double pointed needles makes it much easier.

Brimmed Cap

My mom asked for a hat with a brim. I don’t have any DK yarn in red (the colour she requested) so I ended up digging up some worsted yarn. I made a swatch to see if it was doable (my very first time making a swtch). It called for 22 stitches on 3.25mm needles. I got 16 stitches on 4.5mm needles. I have no idea if I can achieve gauge on 3mm needles. I might just resort to crocheting a brimmed hat.