Year of Projects: Year 8 Week 3

Jan 20, 2019

Year of Projects

Year of Projects is a group on Ravelry where members share and update each other on the progress of their knitting, crochet, cross stitch, or other crafty projects.

This week was rough. At work it was suddenly crunch time and we felt like we were going a million miles an hour. We were given things to do, which is fine since we were running out of work, but we were told that it should do it ASAP for the current release. I think we were all expecting something for the next release and not something for the current release where we had to speed things up. It was definitely a learning experience.

I accidentally left one knitting needle at home on Monday and then I never remembered to bring it to work since. So I haven’t been knitting at work either. There were a couple times where I found myself waiting for a good twenty minutes, reaching into my bag for my knitting, and then remembering that I left a needle at home. As of this moment, however, I reunited my knitting needles and they are a pair once again.


2019 Temperature Scarf

It finally snowed this week and it definitely got colder. I am not a fan of the cold at all. But admittedly, it’s actually not that cold yet. There was a bit of a peak in average temperatures. Still in that -10C to 5C (14F to 41F) temperature range.

Flax on DPNs

Flax on Circulars

I restarted this at least three times. I ended up finding a YouTube tutorial series that ended up being super helpful. This is my first knitting project that isn’t just a garter scarf so things like “raglan markers” and “kfb” were terms I’ve never heard of before.

I originally started on DPNs because the magic loop method confuses me. After a while my DPNs got crowded so I switched to circular needles. I’m liking how it’s going so far!

I spent most of my Saturday just knitting the sweater while watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. It’s a TV show I went into fully expecting to hate. When I tried to watch the Archie inspired Riverdale, I could not get behind it at all. It was super dark compared to the source material and not all the characters seemed in character.

It’s been a while since I watched the previous Sabrina TV series and the animated show but I welcome this change in pace with the Netflix show. It is a bit darker in tone but I think in this scenario, it made sense due to the subject matter. I do think that Sabrina is a bit of a Mary Sue so far in the series. Hopefully it will get better. But I’m fine with not taking it so seriously for now. It makes for a good show to knit to!