You Ain’t Bad! You ain’t nothing!

Aug 22, 2009

I’m glad the burial is coming up. All I can say is “FINALLY!” I love Michael Jackson. I’m still so sad. I love Michael! Did I already say that? Oh. Anyway. Everyone is saying that he’s gay, but I refuse to believe it because he is mine and I love him! Just kidding. Michael Jackson fans are crazy… R.I.P Michael!

Today I went to the Balzack mall that just opened. It’s big but not that big. Not as big as West Ed.

I’m not sure what else to talk about…

School’s coming up in 5 days! Yay! I am looking forward to being egged by sophmores! Not. Oh well, since I am tiny, I will be a harder target. Sarah says she’s going to help me…protect me? Oh, and school photos are on the first day. Lovely.

I’m reunited with my long lost e-mail pal! Jen! We meet on AFO (no longer running) by a fluke. I was asking her for help on the forum. I was digging through old e-mails and I saw our conversations. Then I e-mailed her a couple days ago. She sounds like she’s doing well. Yay, I’m glad things are going great for her. I love Jen!

Anyway, I have to get designing… Ja, mata!

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