You Know What Happens When You Dance

Dec 31, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay birthdays! I’m now the golden age of 17 (this means I have to change all my ages on my websites, ack)! I kinda don’t feel any different (no one ever does, am I right?), not to mention that 17 is a weird number. I guess it’s because it’s odd. But 21 and 23 aren’t that weird of numbers either. I guess 17 is weird because it’s that age that’s in between. I’m a teen but almost a legal adult. Oh, that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, yesterday was a great day! It’s far from one of the best birthdays ever but it was still loads of fun.

In the morning we woke up extra early to go to the weekday mass as church. After mass Father made the congregation sing happy birthday to me. It was embarrassing. Like, what do you do other than stand there awkwardly with a ridiculous grin on your face while people sing to you? I sure don’t know.

After that we went home for a bit and then headed out for the mall. I invited a couple of friends for lunch and a movie. We watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I wanted to watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but it’s 18A. One of my frieds is already 18 so she could have bought the tickets for us but I didn’t want her to. Good thing though because Sherlock Holmes is a great movie! Oh goodness, I loved it so much. Maybe even more than the first one. It had just the right mix of action, comedy, and wonderful deductions. Although I would have liked Sherlock to deduce more as he spent more screen time punching people or shooting a gun. Still, his antics were just golden.

I went home after the movie and fell asleep on my brother as he played on his shiny new PS3 since I was tired. I drooled a bit, haha. Then I was rudely awoken by him when our first visitors rang the doorbell. As more people came we started to eat. It was yummy dinner. Classic Filipino dishes and spaghetti. Although the spaghetti was quite dry, but shh, don’t tell my mom that.

Overall it was a great day. I still can’t get over the movie though. It’s like when I watched Inception. Yeah, Inception. Don’t judge me, I love that movie.

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