You, You, Only You

Nov 16, 2011

I never finished the DIR EN GREY meme. I’ll finish it sooner or later. I haven’t posted in a while either. Oh no! Well, better late than never.

I rediscovered this podcast I downloaded when I just started listening to Japanese and Korean music. All Rock and No Talk by xxthrowdownxx I think it was. So yeah, I was listening to volume 12 and came across a pleasant gem.

Stand By Me by The Brilliant Green. The Brilliant Green is a pop rock band fronted by Tomoko Kawase. Tomoko Kawase is most known for (or so I would think) her solo project, Tommy February6 or Tommy Heavenly6.

The first time I listened to her would either be in the Nana OST or in the podcast all those years ago.

When I was in love with L’Arc~en~Ciel, I used to go on a forum called Dive to Blue. There they shared many music and this one album featured Tetsu69, the bassist of the band. This album was a Nana tribute. Also on the album was Skye Sweetman and Tommy February6. I don’t remember what song Tommy sang. Hey Bad Boy? Or was that the song on the podcast? I’ll have to check. Either way, that was my first song by her.

Just recently, I rediscovered her though the anime Paradise Kiss (from the creator of Nana). She sang the opening which was Lonely in Gorgeous. The song ran shivers down my spine. It was sultry, catchy, reminiscent of 80s pop, and the lyrics were practically made for the anime. Yeah, I listened to that for a long while.

But I rerediscovered her like yesterday or so through the podcast. The Brilliant Green. The song Stand By Me is amazing. Tomoko’s voice is absolutely heavenly. It’s so pure. I love it.

So I searched for more Tomoko. Magic in Your Eyes was the one that stood out the most from my findings. I’ve listened to it before but it never stuck to me until now. The very first few seconds aren’t that amazing but filled with wonderful Engrish. “Come on darling close your eyes.” The bridge or chorus isn’t that great either. “Call in, if you’re my boyfriend x1000.” But the verses were absolutely HEAVENLY.

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