YouTube Discoveries #1

Aug 1, 2012

Listening to: Sunadokei by L’Arc~en~Ciel

Fave song atm: Somebody to Love by CLUBSODA

Fave musician(s) atm: Uhh… I actually have no idea

Just so you all know, I waded through 7000+ forums posts to find all the YouTube links I wanted to post here. Then I realized I could have used the search function. OTL Anyway, on to the post. Warning, there’s a lot here. I don’t know if you’d want to read it all but yeah.

I’m in the weird part of YouTube. Well, not really. The weirdest thing I’ve seen is probably the Obscure music video by DIR EN GREY. My mind is seriously boggled at how such a thing is allowed to exist on YouTube but I’m glad it does or I would have never been able to bask in DIR EN GREY’s glorious music. It’s actually pretty surprising at all the different things you can find on YouTube. People from all of the world (minus North Korea and some of C, haha… Oh, that’s not funny) posting videos and watching videos and commenting on videos. It’s kinda crazy once you think about it. Just the Internet in general is a concept that I find hard to wrap my head around.

Currently, I’m in a roleplaying guild on Neopets. Roleplaying? Guilds? Neopets? Ugh, I’m so lame. But yeah. We’re not so international. In fact, I’m the only one who doesn’t live in the US. And I don’t live in some exotic foreign place, I live in Canada. Even so, we have such diverse tastes, especially in music. I’ve only been part of the guild for two to three weeks, and I’ve encountered many different songs and different genres and it’s all just great.

Also, I’ve been going out of my genre boundaries and listening to other stuff. There’s just so much out there! So, I’m going to share my discoveries.

Rich Fantasy Lives as performed by Rob Balder, Tom Smith & Will Frank

Okay, the guild member who recommended this has the coolest music taste ever. I’d probably would have never listened to this if I saw the thumbnail. Three average looking middle aged men singing about fantasy worlds? Doesn’t seem like my thing. It still really isn’t my thing, but the tune of this song is just catchy. Simple, yes, but catchy. It’s like a fairytale story you tell your kid but in song form. Very cute.

Trophy by Bat For Lashes

Hauntingly beautiful. I don’t want to say it’s primitive or basic because it is and isn’t at the same time. I can’t even begin to describe it. It’s just great. Hypnotizing. Lulling. Comforting. I don’t even know. I wish I knew more musical terms.

Technologic by Daft Punk

This is definitely not a new discovery, but rather, a rediscovery. Daft Punk. Guhhh. The sounds this duo brings is seriously out of this world. It’s almost hard to believe that this music wasn’t made too long ago. I feel like I’ve grown up with this song. As for the music video… I’m reminded of Furbies that were skinned of their synthetic fur.

Innocence by Miku Hatsune

One of the guild members really, really, really, really likes vocaloids. I don’t blame her. They’re pretty cute and most of the music is actually pretty cute. Miku is actually one of my least favourite vocaloids (out of the five that I know, haha) so I was surprised at the cuteness of this song.

Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan

What. Is. This. Catchy. Trickery. I actually like this, what’s with my constantly changing views of music? It’s seriously pretty good. Kinda stupid, like a lot of music out of there, but just so damn catchy. It also doesn’t help that she’s attractive. This song kinda reminds me of t.a.t.u’s music but that’s probably only because Alexandra is also European.

HetaOni Douga what I don’t even know

From the same guild member who likes vocaloids. I… What? This is worthy of the “weird part of YouTube” title. There’s 12 minutes of weird Hetalia shit. I don’t really like Hetalia and uh, I just couldn’t really watch it for some reason? One of my favourite songs is half an hour long and I couldn’t pay attention to this at all.

Classical Servant of Evil by some Nico Chorus

Why does Mystic do this to me? Seriously, this a really pretty cover of what I assume is a really pretty song. I really like this. Although I mostly only watched through the whole thing to see the story unfold. I feel a bit bad because after around 2 minutes in, I was bored of the song. Around the 4 minute mark, things got better but still, that’s a long time to be bored in a song.

CLEVER SLEAZOID (cover) by Miku Hatsune

Another rediscovery. I first heard this almost year ago I think (so says my comment from 11 months ago). It’s kinda funny how much the J-rock fandom seems to despise vocaloids. They always claim “it’s not real music!” Just look at the J-Music confessions Tumblr. Actually, I was on TH3JROCKFAN’s Facebook page a couple of days (weeks?) ago when they announced that there’s going to be a visual kei/J-rock vocaloid album. A lot of the comments were pretty negative. :/ I was surprised. There’s actually a lot of good vocaloid songs out there. I used this video as an example of a decent vocaloid cover. And a Malice Mizer songs as well. What was it?? Syunikiss? Brise? I don’t remember.

Rolling Girl by Miku Hatsune

Mystic really likes her vocaloids and I can’t resist clicking on every single YouTube link that’s presented before me. And I actually really like this song. Somehow I’m always really surprised when I like the vocaloid songs Mystic recommends.

England sings the campfire song

Mystic also really likes her Hetalia. I think we’ve already establish I don’t like Hetalia. I don’t like this but it’s still a discovery.

The Campfire Song (Spongebob edition)

My childhood, enough said.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! from Soul Eater

I haven’t finished watching Soul Eater. *sobs at my endless to watch anime list* But I do like this song quite a lot.

Sombody to Love by CLUBSODA

It’s funny because the creator of the song actually had the guts to go onto 2NE1 videos, find people who like 2NE1, and message them with this song, hoping they’d get views. It actually worked. I like this song a lot. Like. The vocalist, Motsu, is so attractive. In her face and in her little mannerism, and ugh, especially her voice. Her voice. Hnnng. Sounds like Koda Kumi (who is apparently one of Motsu’s influences). But yes. So catchy. Dubstep, I thought I hated you. I think vocal-less dubstep angers me. But this isn’t vocal-less dubstep and I love this song.

NightmaRe by sNoW

From xthrowxdownx’s J-Music podcast. Apparently it’s from an anime but I don’t know what it is. I really like love it when Japanese female musicians sing the way sNoW does. I don’t know what it is about her voice but I love it.

The Way You Look Tonight (cover) by Seth MacFarlane

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to shut up? Yeah, that was me while watching this video. I don’t really know what compelled me to look up Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy, voices of Peter, Brian, Stewie, Quagmmire, and more, if you didn’t know). I think was watching the Pearl episode with my brother (the episode when Brian complains about not finding love and he finally does but lol shit happens) and the music sequence comes on and I was looking it up on YouTube. Then I found out, woah, Seth MacFarlane does all of these voices, he drew them all, he’s funny, he has his values intact, he’s somewhat attractive, and he can sing. So, I looked for videos of him singing and BAM he hits me with Sinatra and frigging Sinatra man, Family Guy suddenly makes sense. He’s just such a cool classy cat in this video. Just taking drags on his cigar with the hat and crooning into that mic. Flipping fudge. I want to tell him to shut up because he’s too talented. SETH MACFARLANE PLEASE.

Ugly (Japanese version cover) by Zessei Bijin!

This isn’t a recent, recent discovery. I’ve been getting into K-pop recently, more specifically, 2NE1 because those girls are gorgeous. I like looking for Japanese covers of their songs and that’s pretty much how I found Zessei Bijin! I listened to all of their 2NE1 covers and I subscribed to them immediately. These girls have really great voices. My only complaint is that their songs usually don’t start off that well. It takes around 30 seconds to a minute to actually get into the groove of their songs. Which is unfortunate because not a lot of people are willing to stick around that long.

Mister (Japanese cover) by Zessei Bijin!

I seriously cannot pass up the chance to talk about this song. I. Frigging. Love. This. Song. It’s so cute and sexy and catchy, and damn, the girls from Kara are really pretty. I could listen to this song forever and ever and I would never be tired of it. So peppy and cute and uguu.

Shiroi Yuki no Princess Wa (cover) by Zessei Bijin!, Zodiac,and Akatsuki Taiyou

A seriously crazy good song. I showed this song to Mystic and she actually liked it. Yay. Mystic seal of approval. :D This came up on my YouTube homepage because lol, I’m subscribed to Zessei Bijin! Before I watched this video, I never realized that there were more groups like them out there. And male groups. Males that sing vocaloid songs. M A L E S. I like F E M A L E S too but damn, M A L E S. I cannot deny the fact that I love male voices. Especially male voices singing in Japanese. But not to outshine the lovely females in this song. Moon really shines in this song. Like really. There’s this one part in the song where she just sustains this note and it sounds so pretty. And Minnie is her usually cutesy self and it sounds like she’s getting better. I think I’m going to liveblog this song. Okay? I’m liveblogging it.

Okay, this is my first reactions to the video and then some. THIS IS KINDA CRAZY BUT I MENTALLY DO THIS WITH ALL OF THE SONGS I LISTEN TO OKAY?

0:21 – Oh what is this cuteness. The art used in this is gorgeous.

0:23 – Ugh, BEIBEI YES COME TO ME. Seriously, she has such a powerful and clear and overall amazing voice.

0:27 – Tonkhai. Don’t even get me started. This part is great.

0:30 – Wait. It’s a guy. A GUY IS SINGING. His voice is so low and deep and wow.

0:34 – I love the effect in this voice even though it isn’t consistent with the others.

0:35 – What. Antares. Such a cool name. It’s one letter off from my last name. What. He has a cool voice too. What. I love how he’s building with each word ugh.

0:43 – K is really cute okay. Omg now there’s Minnie too. MINNIE IS SO CUTE. What. This whole part is too cute. I can’t… Voices this cute should not exist, okay?

1:00 – Oh goodness, Ann from the Ugly cover. Yes.

1:09 – I’ve never heard of these tw-holy crap yes. Wait. Onion? That’s seriously so cute. Onion. ASFASFGSDGLDFK.

1:13 – More people I don’t really know, wow there’s a lot of them. I never knew.

1:18 – MOOOOOON. Oh goodness. When her voice just sustains that and just the oh god. I can’t even speak properly right now.

1:33 – Joel who are you and shut up your voie is too heavenly okay.

1:36 – Ah, the Kazekoe guy again. Oh wow. That release. Wow.

1:40 – Guys, we’re back to cuteness. Oh the cuteness. These two are cute. Aura and K are cute. D;

1:49 – Minnie. So. Cute.

1:51 – Ryodo. Who are you and who told you that your voice could be like that, stop.

1:57 – God who is this Kirby. WHO. HIS VOICE IS DELICIOUS.



2:12 – Ugh, Tonkhai. What a crystal clear voice. So warm it makes me feel all fuzzy and cozy inside.

2:16 – Omg this Onion. I am crying because he is an Onion and that’s what onions do.


2:28 – I really love Antares’ vibrado what. And Moon is doing that thing again. It’s too good. Don’t stop Moon.

2:51 – If I had a drink I would have spitten it out all over my laptop screen. THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE SONG. NO JOKES. I got goosebumps from this part. The voices sound all beautiful together.

3:11 – Omg Sia. SoooooOoOoOo cute. A bit breathy, but still cute. KISSUU.

3:21 – The cuteness continues. Seriously. These girls have to stop being cute I’m feeling very self conscious right now.

3:33 – Beibei and Jun is the best idea. Ever.

3:38 – Oooh Liana I like her in this part. Still don’t know who she is but oooh I like.

3:41 – Antares what are you doing please stop I’m dying here.

3:49 – Ehmz is so cute. I actually follow him on Twitter and he’s so cute. UGUUU.

3:58 – I love it when Tonkhai sings like this, I can’t even register how awesome her voice is.

4:09 – Holy balls there are a lot of them.

4:12 – Antares I thought I told you to stop. I love that low vibrado wtf stop.

Sayoko (short English cover) by Antares

Uh, I really like this song. I’ve already said that Antares really stood out for me in the previous video and wow, his voice is like chocolate. The first time I listened to this, I just sat there and replayed it a thousand times. Not only is Sayoko just an amazing song overall, listening to the English cover sung by a great vocalist is too much. I also swear it’s not because of the accent because I don’t really like accents in the first place opps, I’m a horrible female. Plus, his IA and full length non-acoustic covers of the song is flipping amazing too.

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