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Hello! I haven’t posted in a while. For some reason I’ve been on Geek Stink breath a lot. I miss the old GSB, when there were more people there. I still love GSB though!

I have been working on my religion project for the past four days. I’m finally finished now. Thank goodness. Who knew that a simple powerpoint about a saint would be so much work? I guess I’m too much of a perfectionist.

My mom keeps complaining on how I’m “losing weight”. I am not losing! If anything, I’m gaining weight. It feels like it to me, anyway. And no, I do not think I’m fat, I’m perfectly average!

I am so tired right now. I now I’m kind of bouncing from one topic to another, but whatever.

I haven’t posted story in a long time either. I’ve lost my passion for Rock Skool. Does that mean I have lost the passion for writing? No, I don’t think so. I’m still writing. More about anime fan fics than Green Day fan fics.

I haven’t listened to Green Day in a long time. I’m not even sure I like them anymore. Maybe I’ll go watch Bullet in a Bible tomorrow. Live performances always rekindle my love for a band, unless the band really sucks at live concerts, which is not the case for Green Day!

Anyway, I have to go. See you later!