Attempts at Cooking

June 11, 2017 | Comments

I tried to cook more during the month of May. Partly because my mother was out of the country and then cooking was left to us but also because I’m trying my best to learn how to cook. Unfortunately, most of what I cooked was pretty simple but I still managed to cook some things. I didn’t take pictures of everything I cooked, although I totally should have. Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

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Homemade Cheesecake Quest

February 18, 2017 | Comments

I can count the number of times I have tried to make cheesecake on one hand. It’s not that many but I count that as a quest to make the ultimate cheesecake. It’s my favourite dessert. Yes, it’s incredibly filling and calorie dense and expensive but I love it. The expensiveness factor is a big reason why I’m trying to perfect the art of the cheesecake. On my first attempt back in high school, it tasted lke cream cheese on a graham cracker crust.

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