Exploring the Fediverse

November 2, 2020 | Comments

Day 1 What is the Fediverse? The fediverse (federation + universe) is a collection of federated social networks running on free open software. That’s a bunch of jargon. Basically, different sites use the same social network software, and they can talk to each other. It’s an attempt at recreating the decentralized web. Some popular ones are Mastodon and Pleroma. First Dip into the Fediverse While browsing the Interwebs I’ve seen a couple of Mastodon instances here and there but I never really understood what they were.

LFTP Fatal Error: Certificate verification

October 11, 2016 | Comments

The error: ~$ git-ftp pull<br /> ~$ cd: Fatal error: Certificate verification: certificate common name doesn’t match requested host name ‘ftp.mazohyst.org’<br /> ~$ mirror: Fatal error: Certificate verification: certificate common name doesn’t match requested host name ‘ftp.mazohyst.org’ Solution: Edit ~/.lftp/rc so that it contains set ssl:check-hostname no. What this does is pretty self explanatory. If the hostname in the certificate does not match the hostname you’re attempting to connect to, it doesn’t matter because it won’t check for that in the first place.

Speaking of Security

June 7, 2016 | Comments

My last post was about security by obscurity and I talked a little about trying to implement security techniques into my projects. This is really great timing. Last week, various online services ran by my university were down. It was really inconvenient not having access to my e-mail but I took it in stride. I figured it was just the servers acting up or malware or something like that. It turns out that my university was dealing with a ransomware attack.

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9 Years of Blogging

February 21, 2016 | Comments

Okay, I know that probably isn’t a lot compared to other bloggers out there but to me, that’s mind blowing. 9 years is around 40% of my life and that percentage will only keep on increasing. Assuming that I continue blogging. As long as I can type, I don’t think I would stop blogging. Sure, my blogging might be extremely sporadic but it’s still blogging to me. Actually, I was going through my archive and I read a blog post that was from exactly six years and two days ago.

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Comics Aren’t Just Kids Stuff!

February 19, 2016 | Comments

I initially started writing this post in 2012. I’ve been going through and cleaning out my drafts and decided this one was worthy of continuing and actually publishing. Comics are usually written off as being childish or something only nerds can enjoy. But, I’m not here to argue whether comics are legitimate literature or not. I’m here to point out some of my favourite web comics. I don’t know where it started but I got bored one day and eventually ended up on a web comics site.

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