November 24, 2020 | Comments

My black cat, Zuko I forgot to mention that I have a cat. I adopted him back in May. I was browsing The Meow Foundation and I came across Zuko. His cute little expression was too much to resist. When I went to go see him I saw several other cats. The only one other cat at the shelter that caught my eye. He was a very handsome cat named Edwards but while I was petting him he turned around and refused to interact with me.

+5 STAR+

November 12, 2020 | Comments

Day 4 of 100 Days to Offload Content Warning: Topic is mental health One of my favourite K-pop artists recently came out with a song, +5 STAR+. It’s definitely a feel good bop. It’s a cute song that’s easy to sing along to. I added it to my “body reacts” playlists, the playlist with songs that usually guarantee me singing along to it. Then I realized that despite the singability of the songs on the playlist, not a lot of the songs have positive vibes.

Bumble Date

November 7, 2020 | Comments

Day 2 Content warning: Politics Philosophical Books I went on my first Bumble date yesterday. It was a friend date though, not a date date. I found a girl who said she was interested in psychology and philosophy. Intrigued, I swiped right. It was a match! We talked about books we’ve read. She was reading Crime and Punishment whereas I was reading A Streetcar Named Desire. I was immediately excited.

My Baby Don't Understand Me

August 7, 2019 | Comments

What does it mean to understand someone? What does it mean to be understood? Are we asking too much for others to understand us? I think music is where I feel the most understood. It’s scary how strangers can seemingly understand my feelings and present them so eloquently and so beautifully. But is that just a superficial understanding, exploiting some of the most universal feelings? Can anyone understand us? Is being understood something special, only reserved for a select few?

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July 2019 in Review

August 5, 2019 | Comments

July was a really tough month for me. A lot of my routines fell off the wayside. I’m still recovering from it now, not 100% back on my feet yet. Sleep Hours of Sleep I ended with an average of seven hours of sleep. Definitely towards the end of the month, I kept snoozing my alarms more and more. So even if I’m getting “seven hours of sleep”, it probably isn’t the best quality sleep.

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