DIR EN GREY Challenge: Day 16

Aug 30, 2011

Listening to: Thriller by Michael Jackson

Fave song atm: Ophelia by L’Arc~en~Ciel

Fave musician(s) atm: Michael Jackson

Your favourite Dir en grey lyric and translation.

Oh God. Don’t ask me this. Brb I’ll be hunting through lyric sites forever. Anyway, immediately, 我、闇とて。。。 came in my head. Here is the translation:

_It’s easy to stop breathing…but I just want to feel you just a little more

Will you allow me to live?

One bright morning, I opened my eyes and it came tears I felt like I’ve realized the meaning for the first time

Don’t know why, but I feel sadness when you’re near me

Why can’t we become one?

I put my hands out for those words that are too fragile, even just one

Please give my heart something, anything like a blade sharp enough to strike you_

That whole thing right there pushes a knife right through my heart. Words are a much better substitute for a blade.

Actual lyrics? Let me go searching (again =_=). I thought of GLASS SKIN but thought it was too cheesy. Then I looked at it and changed my mind.

_I open out my wings of glass

Up and towards the wind melted future

So just please don’t go

Please don’t go

Wanna be close to you

I am now forgetting even the colours of your tears and love

So just please don’t go

Please don’t go

Holding on strong to what lies ahead_

I bleed as my way of compensating everything to you

How heavy is blood?

Happiness and Sadness lies too close

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