February 2018 in Review

Mar 3, 2018


February felt so short! Shorter than usual. I suppose it always feels this short because February is short already. Also, Reading Week is a week where we have the entire week off so it’s inherently less productive due to the less hours.

I started using Todoist as my organizational system but we’ll see whether or not it sticks. So far I like it. But I’ve been using the premium version and I might have to pay for it soon… Not looking forward to that. My Amazon Prime and YNAB subscriptions also need to be renewed this month. March will be expense heavy.


  • Feb 05: Limericks for dinner
  • Feb 07: Went to the gym
  • Feb 08: My grandfather passed away
  • Feb 16: Went to the zoo (post)
  • Feb 17-18: Attended a hackathon (post)
  • Feb 19: Dinner at BlueFin (post)
  • Feb 23: Watched Black Panther


Overall spending in February

My total monthly expenses for this month. I’m not sure whether to include “savings” as an expense since it’s just that: savings. So in reality, it’s $481.45 of spending but that’s still quite a lot, unfortunately.

Just for fun: Going out, a lot of eating, and Humble Bundle subscription

We went to the zoo and watched Black Panther so that took up most of the expenses. The zoo is expensive, nearly $60 for two people. As always, I eat out too much. I keep telling myself I need to cut down on it but I lack the discipline. I gained a couple of pounds, unfortunately.

Bills: Tuition/school, phone, transit

I accidentally bought a day pass instead of a 1.5 hour ticket. Whoops. Also, I signed up for graduation and the convocation ceremony fee is hefty.

Expenses: Clothes, food, and misc

I bought some tights and they were really cute. They had cat faces on them! I also went grocery shopping for some stuff for my boyfriend. And I accidentally forgot to cancel my Kindle Unlimited trial and was charged for a month.

Bills (optional): Gym and netflix

I need to cancel my gym membership. I’ve been going to my university gym instead. My boyfriend and I watch more than enough Netflix to justify the price.

Hours of Sleep

Hours of sleep

Wow! I was really on the nose for my average amount of sleep this month. I averaged around 7 and a half hours of sleep per night. That’s pretty good. You can see my four hours of sleep from the hackathon and the immediate recovery I had the next day. Overall, I’m pretty happy.

Hours spent on phone

Hours spent on my phone

I’m not happy with my almost 10 hours of phone usage but that was during the hackathon where I was dead tired to do anything else. I forgive myself for that. But I’m determined not to spend too much time on my phone this time around.

Books Read

  • The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • The Sky is Yours by Chandler Kang Smith (post)

Goals for this month

  • Keep up my 7 and a half hour sleeping average
  • At least $50 less in spending on food
  • Keep up my Todoist streak of completing 5 tasks per day
  • Absolutely no Reddit or Tumblr this month
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