Food Comas

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Day 22 of #100DaysToOffload

I am not great at energy management. When I say energy, I mean my own internal battery that fuels my day to day tasks. Which really sucks because I often feel like the motivation to do things is, most of the time, quite high.

The main thing that affects this is food. I can be quite sensitive to the food I eat. A bagel (or anything carb heavy like rice, bread, or potatoes) is guaranteed to knock me out for at least an hour. I am super prone to sugar crashes so eating something like ice cream or cookies or chocolate will also knock me out.

Years ago, my friends and I took a trip to New York City. We ate some cheesecake and bagels (as tradition in NYC, I think, I'm not quite sure) and that hit me HARD. Even though we were walking around, I was staving off sleep with every step. Every time we sat down somewhere, I had to fight the urge to pass out right then and there. I think I eventually recovered (I don't remember how, I just remember the agony of that day) but it was still rough.

Even if I take a much needed food coma (comas can last from one to four hours), I wake up with major brain fog. This makes it hard for me to do anything that requires deep thinking or even motor skills. In this state, I feel so tempted to just go back to bed or to do something super low energy like browsing social media. I've tried drawing or coding in this state and it doesn't always work out. I've been in this state at work before. Thank goodness I work for home now because a ten minute power nap is enough to just barely make it through the day. I don't remember how I coped when I didn't work from home. I think I just suffered.

I have tried to time eating something carb heavy so I can feel sleepy around bed time but strangely, this hardly ever works. I think I'm only affected by this if I eat something before 19:00 (however, if I drink alcohol,  especially beer AKA liquid bread, that will definitely put me to bed at any time of the day). I avoid eating after 19:00 though because that will, ironically, keep me awake up until past midnight. I just can't win.

Anyway, I try my best to watch what I eat. I almost feel like I have to avoid these kinds of foods entirely. Sometimes even eating just a little bit of something is enough to set me off. It's truly unfortunate because I have such a sweet tooth and I love bread.

Is this normal? Maybe I need to see a doctor. :)