Grade Niners

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My locker's right next to the band room, and grade niners are constantly standing around my locker. The grade niners like to listen to this guy play the drums every single lunch period. I was opening my locker, and the guy who plays the drums was looking at my locker. They saw my Billie Joe Armstrong poster (which unfortunately does not exist anymore because one of my friends tore it up).

Grade niner 1: So you like Green Day?
Me: Yeah
Grade niner 1: are they your favorite band?
Me: Yeah
Grade niner: What's your favorite song?
Grade niner 2: *Laughs*. American Idiot.
Me: Having A Blast. (I just chose a random song) It's an old song.
Then I ran away, because Grade niners scare me (I am only in grade seven) and my friend was calling me. Grade niners scare me!