How I Keep Track of My Reading

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Day 19 of #100DaysToOffload

I've been trying to read more. I used to be a prolific reader (weren't most of us all, at one point) and for one reason or another, I let reading fall to the wayside. My most recent excuse was the fact I no longer had a commute. I don't drive so I always took the train to work. As soon as I would step onto the train station platform, I would pull out a book and start reading, only stopping once I got off the train. Sometimes I would attempt to walk and read on my way to the office if the book was juicy enough. Dangerous, I know, but is it really all that different from looking down at your phone and walking? Okay, they're both dangerous but sometimes you gotta take some risks.

I find with all things is that keeping track of something helps me continue to keep doing it. I love seeing hard data and I can always cross reference it with other data I track and look for any connections.

While I do love technology, some things I like to do by hand. I use a Hobonichi Weeks Mega, a fountain pen friendly planner (I use a Champagne Pilot Decimo EF with De Atramentis Document Ink exclusively in my Hobonichi Weeks, kudos if you know what those are) to keep track of my to-dos, events, schedules, and what-not. I try to ascribe to a Bullet Journal-esque method and at the back of the planner, I use the blank pages for dailies and collections.

One of my collections is my reading list. Every time I start or finish a book, I note it down in this table. It's pretty simple: a column for the date I started reading the book, a date that I finished reading the book, and the title of the book. Sometimes I give up on a book and I just denote that with a line through the "finish" column.

Just a couple days ago I finally filled out the first page of my reading table and this morning I created a blank one, ready to be used for my next book.

Table of books I've tried to read
Table of books I've tried to read
Blank reading table
Blank reading table, waiting to be used