I Watched: Westworld

Feb 1, 2018

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers, and mentions of death and sex. You have been warned!

This year my SO introduced me to Westworld, a TV series that recently had their first (and last?) season end. Westworld is a highly advanced Western theme park populated with extremely life-like robots that cater to every want of their guests. It is rife of violence, alcohol, sex, and whatever you could imagine in the wild West. One of the founders of the park boasted that the park was able to let the guests find their true selves.

However, not everything is as delicately planned and controlled as one would hope. Some of the hosts go haywire and the line between humans and hosts become blurred.

There were several things that have surprised me about this show, mainly all the plot twists. The main one being (again, spoiler alert) that one of the employees at the park is, in fact, a robot himself. He had been created in the likeness of one of the deceased park’s creators and the partner of the current surviving park creator. When this was revealed, it blew my mind. I had already read a theory on Reddit that this character was a host but I thought the commenter were just reading too much into it. Turns out, they were right!

I’m conflicted about this. I read this theory after watching episode two of the season. Does this mean that this was too predictable and the writing inadequate? If I had never read that theory, I never would have guessed. Thankfully, I dismissed the theory as being too “out there” and was still incredibly surprised with the big reveal.

Despite this, I still found it to be a pretty interesting and compelling series. The acting in it is superb and it is visually stunning. I hear that might be a second season of Westworld and I am looking forward to it wholeheartedly!

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