January 2018 in Review

Feb 8, 2018

My 2018 started pretty quick. By the 2nd of January, I was back in class. I took a block week course and barely survived. My sleep schedule was terrible and waking up for an 8:00 AM class everyday was extremely jarring.



  • Jan 02: Started classes
  • Jan 03: Dinner at Limericks
  • Jan 06: Dinner at Seoul Korean BBQ
  • Jan 07: Winded some yarn and started on a shawl (post)
  • Jan 10: Went to the gym

    Trying to run fast

  • Jan 16: Went to a Crochet and Knitting Meetup
  • Jan 17: Went to the gym

    My gym partner took forever to come so I spent over an hour on the treadmill

  • Jan 19: Went to BlueFin for all you can eat sushi (post)
  • Jan 20: Celebrated my birthday with friends at Moon Korean BBW (post)
  • Jan 21: Went to Taco Time with my cousin for discounted food (post)
  • Jan 23: Tried Tango lessons
  • Jan 24: Dinner at Sho Sushi
  • Jan 31: Went to the gym

    My gym partner didn't show up but that's okay I planned for this

  • Jan 31 (cont’d): Also went to Kilkenny’s for a charity event that my friend was hosting. It was a lot of fun! We ate really huge burgers and played some trivia games. My brother and I were in a team together and we were extremely uncultured. That’s okay, it was still fun. One of my other friends, Ray, got super drunk and we were carpooling and it was a really interesting ride. Thankfully our driver was sober!


Overall spending in January

Bills: Tuition, phone, and account interest/fees

Optional bills: gym and netflix

Just for fun: Mostly eating out, bought Civ 6, went to see Jumanji, and bought an app (a sleep tracker)

Bought a mouse because mine broke, not sure what the misc category is to be honest

Hours of Sleep

Tracked the hours I slept, I seem to sleep around 6.5 hours on average

Hours spent on phone

Hours I spend on my phone. Thankfully I seem to be spending less and less time on my phone


All in all, it was a good month. I spent a lot more than I wish I should have. Tuition is a no brainer but still. I need to get a job. That’s the goal for next month hopefully.

Category: life