Japanese Review #1: Day #1

Jan 11, 2021

Day 10 of 100 Days to Offload

This year I’m renewing my goal of learning Japanese. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do ever since high school (I have been out of university now for a couple of years) and have been doing half heartedly on and off ever since then. In university I had a friend lend me their Japanese textbook, Genki, and I still have it. I’ve really mastered how to sayこんいちは and おやすみなさい and that’s about it.

While stumbling around on the Internet, I found refold. It’s a website started by MattVsJapan, a YouTuber who learned Japanese without ever stepping foot in Japan. It’s an approach that heavily emphasizes immersion. A child learns language through repeated exposure of the the language from their parents. They acquire the language instead of studying the language. The refold philosophy aims to simulate that as much as possible. This means consuming a lot of media but mindfully. In the initial stage, input is favoured over output. Just like a child, the goal is to absorb information to the point where you feel like you can attempt to output, in the form of writing or speaking.

I somewhat started this yesterday. I installed Anki on my phone and my desktop and downloaded the RRTK (Recognition Remember the Kanji) Anki Deck. This Anki deck contains 1,000 common kanji as well as different kanji radicals (common building blocks of kanji). I was pretty pleased to get started with it, it was easier than I thought it would be.

As for immersion… I turned on some PDRさん. He’s a Japanese YouTuber that I somehow stumbled upon years ago. I stopped watching him for some reason, his content is a little cringey. I put him on because he’s fairly casual in his speech (I think) and his Japanese is not intelligible to a beginner language learner like me.

I also put on おにいさま、え。。。, a cheese high school anime slice of life. It’s so overly dramatic. But I cannot look away.

Words Learned


  • 存在: Existence, being
  • みたい: Like, similar to
  • 二人: Two people, pair, couple, both
  • 愛慕: Attachment, yearning, love
  • 見て: Look
  • 矢っ張り: Still, even so, likewise
  • なる程: Indeed, I see, right
  • 新しい: New, modern, up to date
  • 面白い: Interesting, funny


  • 丶: Drop
  • 卜: Fortune telling
  • 儿: Human legs
  • 九: Nine, baseball team
  • 明: Bright, light
  • 旧: Old times, old friend, former
  • 自: Oneself
  • 白: White, dove
  • 百: Hundred
  • 中: Inside, center, middle
  • 千: Thousand
  • 舌: Tongue, reed, clapper
  • 升: Measuring box, 1.8 liter
  • 丸: Round, full, fat, explain, seduce
  • 寸: Measurement, foot, glued to
  • 専: Exclusive, mainly, solely
  • 博: Doctor, PhD, esteem
  • 占: Fortune telling, hold, occupy, take, get
  • 上: Above, up
  • 下: Down, low, inferior
  • 朝: Dynasty, regime, period, North Korea
  • 貝: Shellfish
  • 員: Employee, member, one in charge
  • 見: See, look at, visible, hope
  • 児: Newborn, child, young of animals
  • 元: Beginning, former time, origin
  • 三: Three
  • 日: Day, sun, Japan
  • 田: Rice paddy, rice field
  • 目: Eye, look, care, favour
  • 吾: I, my, one’s own, our
  • 丨: Walking stick, cane
  • 二: Two
  • 五: Month
  • 六: Six
  • 七: Seven, cut
  • 八: Eight
  • 十: Ten
  • 月: Month, moon, flesh
  • 品: Goods, counter for meals
  • 世: Generation, world, society, public
  • 一: One, ceiling, floor
  • 四: Four
  • 口: Mouth, cave
  • 古: Old
  • 呂: Spine, backbone
  • 早: Early, fast
  • 旦: Nightbreak, dawn, morning


Will I make reviews like this every day? Nope. Not at all. I’m terrible at keeping consistent with these kind of things. I’ll do it when I remember.